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What is an Abacus?

An abacus is a calculation instrument utilized by sliding counters along poles or scores, used to perform mathematical capabilities. As well as computing the fundamental elements of expansion, deduction, augmentation and division, the abacus can work out attaches up to the cubic degree.

Abacus is likewise a scholarly accounting journal distributed and altered by the University of Sydney.

Figuring out Abacus

Before the Hindu-Arabic number system was developed in India in the sixth or seventh century and acquainted with Europe in the twelfth century, individuals counted with their fingers, and, surprisingly, their toes in tropical societies. Then, at that point, as even larger amounts (greater than ten fingers and toes could address) were counted, individuals got small, simple to-convey things, for example, stones, sea shells and twigs to include aggregates.

Nonetheless, vendors who traded goods required a more exhaustive method for keeping count of the numerous goods they bought and sold. The abacus is one of many counting gadgets designed in antiquated times to assist with counting large numbers, yet it is accepted that the abacus was first involved by the Babylonians as soon as 2,400 B.C. The abacus was being used in Europe, China, and Russia, hundreds of years before the adoption of the written Hindu-Arabic numeral system. At the point when the Hindu-Arabic number system was widely accepted, abaci were adjusted to utilize place-value counting, a system in which the position of a digit in a number decides its value. In the standard system, base ten, each place addresses ten times the value of the place to its right. Starting from the primary abacus, the physical structure of abaci have changed, however the concept has endure very nearly five centuries, and is still being used today.

Advancement of Counting Devices

Over the long run, counting gadgets kept on developing due to innovative headways. For instance, in 1622, the modern slide-rule was imagined and it was widely utilized until 1972 when the Hewlett Packard HP-35 logical calculator made the slide-rule obsolete. Nowadays individuals depend on calculators on their PCs and cell telephones. By the by, the abacus is as yet a believed device involved by shopkeepers in Asia, and Chinatowns in North America, as well as by shippers, traders and representatives in parts of Eastern Europe, Russia, and Africa.

Modern Applications

One more well known utilization of abaci around the world is to instruct arithmetic to children, particularly augmentation; the abacus can substitute for repetition remembrance of increase tables.

What's more, individuals who can't utilize a calculator due to visual impairment might utilize an abacus. Blind children are frequently educated to involve the abacus to learn math and perform calculations as a substitute for paper and pencil.

In severe field conditions, simple abaci have been normally utilized by infantry soldiers among a considerable lot of the worlds' armed powers up to the current day. Normally alluded to as "pace counters" they are utilized to estimate a distance walked for navigational purposes, by sliding a series of dabs along a fixed piece of cordage, typically one dot each 100 speeds.

Scholarly Journal

Abacus: A Journal of Accounting, Finance, and Business Studies is a friend looked into scholarly journal named after the abacus. Abacus is distributed by Wiley-Blackwell for the Accounting Foundation, based at the University of Sydney, Australia. It has been distributed beginning around 1965 to cover current matters of scholastic and professional idea in accounting, finance, and business. The journal distributes new, original research; critical surveys; examinations of accounting, finance and business regulatory structures; and logical investigations of business, accounting, and financial practices.


  • Abaci have been being used in different parts of the world for north of 4,000 years.
  • An abacus is a manual instrument used to keep track of numbers and to perform fundamental mathematical operations.
  • The Australian business journal Abacus takes its name from this admired apparatus.
  • Even in the modern digital age abaci stay famous for certain applications in accounting, education, and for use in severe conditions.