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16th Amendment501(c)(3) Organization83(b) Election90-Day LetterAbility to PayAbove-the-Line DeductionAccumulated Earnings TaxActive IncomeAd Valorem TaxAdditional Child Tax CreditAdditional Personal AllowanceAdjusted Cost Base (ACB)Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)Advanced Premium Tax CreditAfter Tax Operating Income (ATOI)After-Tax IncomeAirport TaxAlternative Fuels Tax CreditAlternative Minimum Tax (AMT)Alternative Motor Vehicle CreditAlternative Tax Net Operating Loss (ATNOL)Amended ReturnAmerican Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC)American Taxpayer Relief Act Of 2012Amount RecognizedAnnual Investment Allowance (AIA)Annualized IncomeAnnualized Income Installment MethodAssessable ProfitAssessmentAssessorAt-Risk RulesAway From HomeBack TaxesBackup WithholdingBargain Sale to a Charitable OrganizationBenefactorBenefits Received RuleBlack Liquor Tax CreditBlind TaxpayerBona Fide Foreign ResidentBonus DepreciationBracket CreepBreadwinnerBreakeven Tax RateBush Tax CutsBusiness ExpensesBusiness Tax CreditsCafeteria PlanCapital Cost Allowance (CCA)Capital GainCapital Gains Exposure (CGE)Capital Gains TaxCapital Gains TreatmentCapital Loss CarryoverCapital TaxCascade TaxCash Basis TaxpayerCash for ClunkersCasualty and Theft LossesChargeable GainCharitable Contributions DeductionCharitable DonationChild and Dependent Care CreditChild Tax CreditCitizen TestComprehensive Tax AllocationConsolidated Tax ReturnConstructive ReceiptConstructive Sale Rule, Section 1259Consumption TaxConvenience of Employer TestConveyance TaxCorporate InversionCorporate LienCorporationCorrespondence AuditCrystallizationCustodianDeadweight Loss Of TaxationDeath TaxesDeductibleDeductionDeferred Gain On Sale Of HomeDeferred Tax AssetDeferred Tax LiabilityDeficiencyDependentDepreciable PropertyDirect TaxDisqualifying IncomeDividend ExclusionDividend ImputationDividend Tax CreditDomicileDonor-Advised FundDouble TaxingDual Rate Income TaxDual-Status TaxpayerEarned IncomeEarned Income Tax Credit (EITC)Earnings StrippingEducation Tax CreditEducator Expense DeductionElectronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS)Electronic Filing (E-File)Employer Identification Number (EIN)Energy Tax CreditEnrolled Agent (EA)Estate TaxEstimated TaxExcess Profits TaxExcise TaxExempt IncomeExemptionExpatriateExpatriation TaxFarm IncomeFederal Income TaxFederal Tax BracketsFederal Tax LienFederal Telephone Excise TaxFederal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA)Field AuditFiling ExtensionFiling StatusFirst-Time Homebuyer Tax CreditFirst-Year AllowanceFixed and Variable Rate Allowance (FAVR)Flat TaxFlexible Spending Account (FSA)Flow-Through EntityForeign Earned Income ExclusionForeign Housing Exclusion And DeductionForeign Sales Corporation (FSC)Foreign Tax CreditForeign Tax DeductionForm 1040Form 1040-AForm 1040-X, Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax ReturnForm 1040EZForm 1045Form 1065Form 1078Form 1095-AForm 1095-BForm 1095-CForm 1099-BForm 1099-INTForm 1099-MISCForm 1099-QForm 1099-RForm 1120-SForm 1310Form 2106Form 2106-EZForm 2439Form 2848Form 3903Form 4070Form 4070AForm 4506, Request for Copy of Tax ReturnForm 4563Form 4684Form 4797Form 5405Form 6251Form 6252Form 6781Form 706Form 8282Form 8283Form 8283-VForm 8379Form 8396Form 843Form 8689Form W-2Form W-9Fractional GiftFranchise TaxFranked Investment IncomeFraternal OrganizationFree File Fillable Tax FormsFull-Time StudentFuture Income TaxesGambling LossGas Guzzler TaxGeneral Business Credit (GBC)Gift Inter VivosGift TaxGift Tax ReturnGross-Income TestGuide to PhilanthropyGulf Opportunity ZoneHalloween MassacreHead of Household (HOH)Historic StructureHobby LossHome OfficeHome Office ExpenseHomestead ExemptionHope CreditHorizontal EquityHuman Resources (HR)Incentive Stock Options (ISOs)Incidental Expenses (IE)Inclusion AmountIncomeIncome BasketIncome Exclusion RuleIncome ShiftingIncome SplittingIncome SpreadingIncome TaxIncome Tax PayableIncremental TaxIndian Employment CreditIndirect TaxIndividual Tax ReturnInheritance TaxInnocent-Spouse RuleInterest DeductionInternal Revenue Code (IRC)Internal Revenue Service (IRS)Involuntary ConversionIRS Form 4868IRS Form 4952IRS Form 706-GS(D)IRS Form 8949IRS Notice 433IRS Publication 1244IRS Publication 15IRS Publication 15-B, Employer's Tax Guide to Fringe BenefitsIRS Publication 17IRS Publication 225 or Farmer's Tax GuideIRS Publication 334IRS Publication 463IRS Publication 5IRS Publication 501IRS Publication 503IRS Publication 509IRS Publication 516IRS Publication 519IRS Publication 524 (Credit for the Elderly or the Disabled)IRS Publication 525IRS Publication 529 (Miscellaneous Deductions)IRS Publication 530IRS Publication 531IRS Publication 536IRS Publication 541IRS Publication 544IRS Publication 550IRS Publication 551 - Basis Of AssetsIRS Publication 552IRS Publication 556IRS Publication 557IRS Publication 561IRS Publication 570IRS Publication 721IRS Publication 908IRS Publication 929IRS Publication 931IRS Publication 939IRS Publication 970Itemized DeductionJoint ReturnJoint Return TestKiddie TaxLand Value Tax (LVT)LevyLifetime Learning Credit (LLC)Limited Liability Company (LLC)Limited Partnership (LP)Line of Business LimitationsListed PropertyLocal TaxLodging ExpensesLong-Term Capital Gain or LossLongtime Homebuyer Tax CreditLow-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC)Luxury TaxMain HomeMarried Filing JointlyMaterial Participation TestsMedicare WagesMember of HouseholdMileage AllowanceMill LevyMill RateMiscellaneous Tax CreditsModified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS)Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI)Mortgage Interest DeductionMultiple Support AgreementMutual Exclusion DoctrineNanny TaxNet Investment Income (NII)Net of TaxNetfileNevada CorporationNominee DistributionNominee InterestNon-Accountable PlanNon-Covered SecurityNon-Qualified Stock Option (NSO)Non-Refundable Tax CreditNon-ResidentNon-Resident Entertainers' TaxNonpassive Income and LossesNonprofit Organization (NPO)Nonresident AlienNontaxable DividendsNot for ProfitNotice of Assessment (NOA)Notice Of DeficiencyNotice of SeizureNR6 FormOffer In CompromiseOrdinary and Necessary Expense (O & NE)Ordinary IncomeOrdinary LossP45 FormParsonage AllowancePassive ActivityPassive Activity Loss RulesPayroll Deduction PlanPayroll TaxPercentage DepletionPermanently Restricted AssetsPersonal ExemptionPhantom GainPhantom IncomePhase OutPhysical Presence TestPigovian TaxPreparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN)Pretax EarningsPretax Rate of ReturnPrimary Business PurposePrincipal ResidencePrivate Letter Ruling (PLR)Profit MotiveProgressive TaxProof of Charitable ContributionsProperty InventoryProperty TaxProperty Tax DeductionProportional TaxProvisional IncomeProxy TaxPublication 3 Armed Forces' Tax GuidePublication 972Qualified Adoption Expenses (QAE)Qualified AppraisalQualified Charitable OrganizationQualified DisclaimerQualified Electric VehicleQualified Higher Education ExpenseQualified Production Activities Income (QPAI)Qualified Retirement Savings Contribution CreditQualified Widow or WidowerQualifying RelativeQualifying Widow/WidowerQuid Pro Quo ContributionRealized LossReassessmentRecaptureReciprocal StatutesRecognized GainRefundRefundable CreditReinvestmentRelationship TestRequired Minimum Distribution (RMD)Research Activities CreditRetention TaxRevenue Agent's Report (RAR)Revenue RulingRing-FenceS Corporation (S Corp)Sales TaxSaver's Tax CreditSchedule A (Form 1040 or 1040-SR)Schedule DSchedule K-1Schedule LSection 1031Section 1035 ExchangeSection 1041Section 1237 Capital Gain OpportunitySection 1244 StockSection 1245Section 1256 ContractSection 1341 CreditSection 7702Section 988Self-Employed Contributions Act (SECA) TaxSelf-Employment TaxSeparate ReturnSeverance TaxShort Tax YearShort-Term LossSilent Automatic LienSin TaxSingle FilerSpecific Share IdentificationSpecific-Shares MethodStandard DeductionStandard Mileage RateState Income TaxSubstantially Identical SecuritySupport TestSurchargeSuspended LossTake-Home PayTangible Personal PropertyTax AccountingTax AttributeTax AvoidanceTax BaseTax BenefitTax BracketTax BreakTax Clawback AgreementTax CodeTax CourtTax CreditTax Deductible InterestTax DeductionTax DeedTax DeferredTax DragTax EfficiencyTax ExpenseTax ExportingTax FairnessTax Freedom DayTax HavenTax HolidayTax HomeTax Identification Number (TIN)Tax IncidenceTax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act of 2005 (TIPRA)Tax IndexingTax LiabilityTax LienTax Lien CertificateTax Loss CarryforwardTax Lot AccountingTax Preference ItemTax RateTax RefundTax Refund Anticipation Loan (RAL)Tax ReliefTax ReturnTax SaleTax ScheduleTax SeasonTax SellingTax ShelterTax ShieldTax TableTax TreatyTax UmbrellaTax WedgeTax YearTax-Exempt InterestTax-Exempt SecurityTax-FreeTax-Loss HarvestingTax-Sheltered AnnuityTaxable EventTaxable GainTaxable IncomeTaxable Wage BaseTaxation Without RepresentationTaxesTaxpayerTaxpayer Advocate Service (TAS)TelefileTeletaxThe Meaning of Tax ExemptThe Smith ManeuverTotal TaxTransfer TaxTransportation and Storage CostsTravel ExpensesUnclaimed FundsUnderpayment PenaltyUnderwithholdingUnearned IncomeUnified Tax CreditUniform Transfer TaxUnrecaptured Section 1250 GainUnrelated Business Taxable Income (UBTI)Unstated Interest PaidUse TaxVehicle Excise DutyVertical EquityVoluntary ComplianceW-4 FormW-8 FormsWash-Sale RuleWidow's ExemptionWithholdingWithholding AllowanceWithholding TaxWorking Tax Credit (WTC)Worldwide IncomeZero Capital Gains Rate