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Associate In Claims (AIC)

Associate In Claims (AIC)

What Is an Associate In Claims (AIC)?

In the insurance industry, an associate in claims (AIC) assignment means specific training and skills in the treatment of different types of insurance claims. It is much of the time sought after by those working in the insurance industry as claims adjusters, and it very well may be a significant asset for those chasing after career headway in the field.

Grasping Associate In Claims (AIC)

The AIC assignment was developed in part by the National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters (NAIIA). To get the AIC, up-and-comers must complete a thorough examination administered by the Insurance Institute of America (IIA). The program itself comprises of a series of 13-week courses with four national exams; it is usually embraced by experienced adjusters, claims supervisors, and examiners.

One of the benefits of the AIC program is that it gives knowledge into how the insurance claims industry works as a whole. The AIC program works according to a point of view of a broad information base, and the focal point of the program goes past just the way in which employers handle claims. The program gives knowledge and understanding into how the industry is organized and how claims operations collaborate with the insurance industry, the public, and the [legal system](/precedent-based regulation).

This combination of property and casualty claim education gives a strong base from which to form or upgrade a career in claims. As a nationally recognized certification, holders of the AIC assignment are strategically set up to secure situations in the field. On the off chance that somebody is already working in the insurance industry as an independent insurance adjuster, a staff claims representative, an examiner, a public adjuster, or any other person hoping to climb in the insurance industry, the AIC certification may likewise help.

Example of an Associate In Claims (AIC)

Michael is a recent university graduate who is thinking about a career in the insurance field. Despite the fact that he has a strong foundation in science and statistical methods, Michael likewise has a skillset appropriate to verbal communication and research activities. In the wake of concentrating on the insurance industry, he concludes that his interests and skillset would make him appropriate for the job of insurance adjuster. With that in mind, he chooses to seek after the AIC assignment, which is a self-concentrate on program administered through suggested course books and online resources. When he is ready, he then requires a two-hour exam where he must response 85 inquiries.

Through the AIC program, Michael becomes furnished not just with technical skill connecting with the claims assessment process, yet in addition with a broad base of information about how the various parts of the insurance industry fit together. Subsequent to meeting the program's thorough requirements and finishing its exam, he feels prepared to handle the central obligations of the insurance adjuster job, for example, evaluating the possible likelihood and financial impact of expected losses, checking the credibility of specific claims, and arranging settlements with claimants.


  • A claims adjuster examines insurance claims to decide the degree of the protecting organization's liability.
  • An associate in claims (AIC) is a professional certification for insurance claims adjusters gave by the Insurance Institute of America.
  • Claims adjusters may likewise handle property claims including damage to structures, as well as liability claims including personal wounds or third-individual property damage.