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Associate In Management (AIM)

Associate In Management (AIM)

What Is the Associate In Management (AIM) Designation?

The Associate In Management (AIM) Designation is a professional certification in the insurance industry. Its emphasis is on those professionals involving a supervisory or managerial job, determined to improve their interpersonal and thinking skills.

Training in the AIM program is centered around subjects, for example, human resource management, new managerial advances, and professional ethics. It is viewed as an advanced assignment in the insurance sector and is supervised by The Institutes, the professional education organization of the property-loss insurance industry.

How the AIM Works

Acquiring the AIM assignment can assist open with new careering opportunities for professionals in the insurance sector. Specifically, it can assist with upgrading job possibilities for those seeking after managerial and supervisory jobs. To get the assignment, candidates must complete four courses, ordinarily expecting somewhere in the range of 9 and 15 months to complete.

Required courses for the AIM incorporate Management, Human Resources Management and Managing Business Organizations Today, alongside two courses in Ethics, including Ethical Guidelines for Insurance Professionals and Ethics and the CPCU Code of Professional Conduct. In the wake of finishing the tasks, the candidate must likewise complete an exam, which can be written online through The Institutes' website.

The cost for the study materials and the exams to be completed reaches from $1800-2500 to complete the AIM program, contingent upon testing options chose. All materials and exam registration can be purchased through The Institutes' website, which additionally offers practice exams, customer support and peer support resources.

Real World Example of the AIM

There are numerous manners by which holders of the AIM assignment could leverage that certification to additional their careers. As in different industries, management jobs in the insurance industry can be very different, with obligations going from overseeing sales groups to supervising the arbitration of insurance claims.

At times, insurance managers will assist with aiding the planning of significant level [strategies](/vital management, for example, whether to guarantee new types of risks, and what level of insurance premiums to charge. Albeit the AIM educational plan centers basically around broad managerial principles and strategies, individual candidates can additionally reinforce their marketability by chasing after extra education and experience in areas like law, accounting, and financial analysis.


  • The AIM is a professional assignment situated toward managers in the insurance industry.
  • It is administered by The Institutes, and regularly requires somewhere in the range of 9 and 15 months to complete.
  • The educational program for the AIM is centered around broad management principles, however candidates frequently seek after extra specializations in areas, for example, accounting or law to additional advance their careers.