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Ankle Biter

Ankle Biter

What Is an Ankle Biter?

Ankle biter is a shoptalk term for a stock with low market capitalization.

Figuring out Ankle Biter

Ankle biter is likewise used to portray exceptionally little youngsters or perhaps a small, aggressive canine. The thought is that both small children and dogs are little to such an extent that they can arrive at one's ankles. This shoptalk term arose around the 1950s.

As an investment, ankle biters will generally be very unpredictable and are frequently thinly traded. On the plus side, ankle biters frequently have greater growth potential than larger stocks and incorporate numerous emerging advances.

An ankle biter, generally, is a stock that has a market capitalization of under $500 million. Such stocks are additionally alluded to as micro-cap or small-cap stocks. They are additionally now and again portrayed all the more generally as secondary stocks. Despite the fact that there is no scratched in-stone definition, commonly, a stock is viewed as a small-cap, assuming it has a market capitalization of $300 million to $2 billion, while a miniature cap stock is an issue with a market cap of under $300 million.

Instances of Ankle Biters

In the new economy, startups are alluded to as the news ankle-biters. The Internet ecosystem has allowed startups to scale their operations without investing huge measures of money and rival laid out brands and companies. For instance, Amazon was once viewed as an ankle biter in comparison to laid out retailing behemoth Walmart.

In 2013, contributing writer Dave Maney at reported on the purported ankle biter economy in a story featured "The Ankle Biter Economy Rises." In the article, Maney said that the ankle-biter economy is "another dynamic for the American economy," that "[o]ur carefully determined financial upheaval has made another overseeing algorithm in which large numbers of honorably aggressive, egotistic people and startups" are probably going to "cut down laid out and formerly unassailable big occupants with routineness." In his decision, Maney says that the supposed "ankle biter economy" is representative of another landscape where the old rules are all tossed out and where investors will pay the price.

However in spite of this note of mindfulness, in 2018, apparently investors need not fear the ankle-biter economy. In February 2018, the Washington Post's The Switch distributed a story that portrays the company SpaceX being called an ankle-biter by contenders, a deprecatory term in this case, yet writer Christian Davenport points out that the company has filled in as a disruptive force in the space industry. To be sure, SpaceX currently appears to be situated for growth: Davenport was reporting on a gathering for the White House's National Space Council, headed by Vice President Pence and included the secretaries of State, Commerce, Treasury, Transportation, and Defense alongside other government authorities.

Besides, news from the markets has become more reassuring in regards to investment in miniature cap and small-cap securities as investors have seen them as lower risk than in the past. The consistent performance from these smaller stocks has additionally created energy about them among certain analysts.


  • Growth of Internet ecosystem, which allows startups to scale their operations absent a lot of investment, has prompted the development of an "ankle biter economy".
  • Ankle biter is a shoptalk term for a stock with market capitalization of under $500 million.
  • It can likewise be utilized to allude to startups that challenge behemoth occupants in laid out industries.