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What Is Antedate?

An antedate is a date placed on a legal contract or check before the genuine date of occurrence, otherwise called a"backdate."

Understanding Antedate

Antedate is a term utilized comprehensively to mean predated or going before a predefined event, occurrence, or period in time. In the financial markets, several dates are associated with an investment that might be viewed as a type of antedate. Predating documentation and legal contracts are different domains of financial transactions in which antedates might be utilized. There are occurrences where preceding might be a part of the procedural requirements leading up to conclusive execution. In different cases, predating might be illegal and ought to be finished with alert.

Certain types of agreements helping several associated parties might require antedated marks as part of a transactional cycle. In certain circumstances, certain parties or beneficiaries might be required to furnish marks with antedates that go before definite execution. In these circumstances, there might be an order of agreement that must be stuck to with processional antedates that lead up to a last execution date.

Circumstances where illegal preceding might be utilized can incorporate predating company stock options to give an invaluable price or preceding documents past a predetermined due date that furnishes an associated party with profitable benefits.

Now and again, antedates may likewise be utilized illegally to give invaluable benefits to certain parties included.

Special Considerations

Since an antedate alludes to any date going before a specific occurrence, it can generally be a category for several important dates associated with different types of investments. In stock investing, the day of trading before the ex-dividend date might be considered an antedate. Since the term ex-dividend means without a dividend, an investor is required to possess or buy shares toward the finish of the trading day prior to the ex-dividend date to receive the company's dividend.

Other antedates may happen in the options or futures market. Since options and futures offer an investor the chance to acquire rights either up to or on the date of expiration, any date prior to expiration might be considered an antedate. In an American option, the option owner has the privilege to exercise the option on any antedate prior to expiration. In the futures market, the holder of a futures contract is committed to exercise the transaction.


  • An antedate can be a category for several important dates associated with different types of investments, similar to stocks.
  • For example, a "backdated" check dated July 1, however written on July 4, is an antedate.
  • An antedate is a date placed on a check or legal contract that is prior to the date of entry on the check or document.
  • In the two options and futures, the day prior to expiration may likewise be known as an important antedate since numerous holders decide to sell contracts.