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Automatic Bill Payment

Automatic Bill Payment

What is automatic payment?

An automatic payment is an arrangement with a creditor that permits the creditor to occasionally pull out money from a credit card, checking or savings account to pay a bill. It is typically utilized for customary regularly scheduled payments like a mortgage, rent or utility bills.

More profound definition

As a general rule, there are five methods for making a payment to a creditor: by telephone, via mail, in person, online or automatically. At the point when automatic payment is set up, borrowers can essentially "set it and fail to remember it." As long as they keep up with sufficient money in their bank accounts to cover the regularly scheduled payment, there is barely anything to worry about.
The upsides of making automatic payments include:

  • No late payments.
  • Less time squandered composing bills.
  • Money saved money on postage.
  • Automatic payments are ordinarily directed through a secured site.

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Automatic payment model

A consumer has a vehicle loan and is concerned that he will neglect to make a payment. He inquires as to whether it offers an automatic payment option. The lender expects him to consent to an arrangement that permits the lender to take the payments automatically from his bank account.
Numerous lenders permit their customers to set up automatic payments straightforwardly through their websites. In this case, the customer would sign on, assign the account from which he needs the funds charged every month, and consent to a specific date.
Signing up for automatic payments through a company website has something like two benefits: First, the customer has day in and day out access to account data, including the amount he owes. Second, he can pursue changes to the agreement, if necessary. For instance, assuming the borrower concludes that he might want to make a bigger payment every month to pay the loan off right on time, he can sign on and request that a bigger amount be charged from his account.


  • An automatic bill payment happens when money is automatically transferred on a scheduled date to pay a recurring bill, for example, a mortgage, credit card, or utility bill.
  • Drawbacks of automatic bill payments remember the difficulty for dropping them, the need to keep adequate funds in your checking account, and the capability of causing a returned payment or late fee.
  • People can set up an automatic bill payment through their online checking account, brokerage, or mutual fund to pay their month to month bills.
  • Benefits of automatic bill payments incorporate the simplicity of automated payment, the ability to keep away from late payments, and the possibility to keep up with or further develop your credit score.