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Billing Statement

Billing Statement

What is a billing statement?

A billing statement is a month to month credit card bill that sums up activity on your account over the previous month. The bill organizes all purchases as well as payments received. It shows the current balance on the account and the date by when the account must be paid to keep away from finance charges.

More profound definition

Many individuals depend on their credit cards to pay for their normal purchases and furthermore for larger oddball purchases. Albeit these transactions are thought about their month to month billing statements, not every person comprehends the significance of checking those transactions and guaranteeing that the individual is making the base regularly scheduled payment to stay away from late payment fees.
Data on the billing statements incorporates:

  • Opening balance showing the amount you owed toward the beginning of the month.
  • Purchases made during the month.
  • Cash withdrawals made.
  • The interest charged on the outstanding balance.
  • Any late payment fees incurred.
  • The total amount owed at the date of the statement.
  • The base payment required.
  • Due date for the base payment.

Other appropriate data gave incorporates the interest rate charged on the balance you carry forward, your credit limit and accessible credit.
While your credit card allows you to charge up to your credit limit, it's urgent to comprehend this is expensive due to the high interest rate charged on credit cards. It pays to keep your outstanding balance as low as possible to reduce interest charges. Likewise, when you receive your billing statement, ensure you basically pay the base to keep away from a late payment penalty.

Billing statement model

Martha utilizes her credit card for everyday purchases, and when she receives her paycheck, she pays the balance off. Incidentally, she involves her card for purchases that are large and pays these off north of several months. She generally pays the base balance before the due date and thusly guarantees her credit rating is sound.
She ensures her billing statement is right by contrasting her records of what she bought, money she pulled out and payments she made when she receives her month to month billing statement.


  • Most credit card issuers give their customers a month to month billing statement.
  • Billing statements give credit card users a top to bottom perspective on their accounts.
  • A billing statement has several parts including interest charged, fees exacted, and the card proprietor's closing statement balance.