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The term bounty alludes to a reward posted by a group or individual to boost certain work, behavior, or development. For example, reference programs might be viewed as a sort of bounty.
With regards to digital currencies, a bounty program is a marketing strategy utilized by startups during their initial coin offering (ICO) crusades. It permits them to distribute a certain percentage of their coin's [supply](/most extreme supply) to advance their project.
Ordinarily, bounty programs target the cryptocurrency community, and they generally incorporate the accompanying activities:

  • Social Media Campaigns - These aim to bring issues to light of the ICO project utilizing the social media accounts of participants. The events can be as preferences, reposts, shares, perspectives, and remarks on famous platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Telegram.
  • Content Creation Campaigns - These target bloggers, scholars, video content makers, and devotees, empowering them to make articles, blog entries, or videos. Then, the substance can be distributed across social organizations and platforms to increase awareness of the ICO. Generally, the rewards will be dependent on the impact or engagement level of the made substance.
  • Bitcointalk Signature Campaigns - These are available to members of the Bitcointalk forum. They need basically to add the official ICO signature to their profiles. The number of stakes received relies upon the ranking of the participants. Typically, just the members who have a Jr. Member rank or above on this forum can take part in such events.
  • Translation Campaigns - This bounty comprises of making an interpretation of important reports connected with the project to guarantee global effort. This regularly incorporates the ICO Whitepaper, the official website, and the Bitcointalk ANN string.
  • Bug Reporting Campaigns - The purpose of this bounty is to boost designers and security analysts to report likely bugs and weaknesses on software and blockchain frameworks. The value of the rewards relies upon the seriousness and the interest of the distinguished bugs.


  • Bounty hunting is legal in the United States, yet the specific laws with respect to the rights of bounty trackers shift by state.
  • In the world of cryptocurrency, bounty programs are utilized by coin designers to incentive actions before the initial coin offering (ICO).
  • The term bounty can allude to a liberal amount of something, a reward for catching or even killing a bothersome person, or a reward, premium, or subsidy intended to boost a specific action(s).
  • Bug bounty programs are bargains offered by websites and organizations by which coders are boosted to identify and report bugs; especially those connected with security shortcomings.
  • The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission utilizes a bounty program, officially called its "Informant Program," that boosts informants to report potential securities law infringement.