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Bull/Bear Ratio

Bull/Bear Ratio

What Is Bull/Bear Ratio?

he bull/bear ratio (some of the time known as the bull-bear spread) is a market-sentiment indicator distributed week by week by the financial data provider Investors Intelligence, which utilizes information surveyed straightforwardly from market professionals. Information is taken from investment advisors who work straightforwardly with the general investing public to assist them with financial planning and investment portfolios.

Grasping Bull/Bear Ratio

Market sentiment alludes to the overall demeanor of investors toward a specific security or financial market. It is the inclination or tone of a market, or the crowd psychology, as revealed through the activity and price movement of the securities traded in that market. In broad terms, rising prices show bullish market sentiment, while falling prices demonstrate bearish market sentiment.

The bull/bear index mirrors the aggregate sentiments of financial advisors and planners who deal daily with the market. It reflects how all around informed professionals feel about the stock market and how they probably encourage their clients to invest in light of those sentiments.

Investors Intelligence distributes a week by week survey of investment advisors concerning whether they are bullish, bearish, or neutral on the stock market. The bull/bear Ratio is the relationship between those advisors that are bullish to those that are bearish.

An understanding above "1.0" demonstrates that more advisors are bullish about the market; where bullish alludes to investor sentiment that trusts the that stock market will before long go up. A perusing below "1.0" means a bigger proportion of advisors are bearish and think the market will pull back soon.
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Outrageous perusing on either the bullish or bearish sides can be utilized as contrarian signals. By and large, these limits, readings above 60% or below 40%, have harmonized with market tops or bottoms.

Utilizing Bull/Bear Ratio

To form the bull/bear ratio, investment advisors are surveyed week by week by Investors Intelligence. Investors Intelligence is a service that distributes daily market indicators and different things individuals can use to day trade. The bull/bear ratio is a well established indicator that shows shifting sentiments of market professionals like financial advisors.

A financial consultant's sentiment will influence the manner in which they speak with their clients and may even switch the manner in which they encourage their clients to invest, influencing the movement of the market. As the bull/bear ratio rises and falls, it demonstrates the portion of the investment community that is bullish (or anticipating that the market should go up), versus the portion that is bearish (or anticipating that the market should fall).


  • The indicator is distributed week by week by the financial data firm Investors Intelligence.
  • Assuming the ratio is greater than one, there is greater bullish sentiment since additional advisors anticipate that the market should rise; and bearish on the off chance that the ratio is short of what one.
  • The bull/bear ratio is an economic indicator that tracks market sentiment by reviewing professional financial advisors.