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Buy a Bounce

Buy a Bounce

What Is Buy a Bounce?

Buy a bounce is a trading strategy that spotlights on buying a given security once the price of the asset falls toward an important level of support. Traders who "buy a bounce" endeavor to profit from a short-term correction or "bounce" off of the distinguished support.

This can measure up to "buy the dip", which rather purchases securities after they have fallen fundamentally in price below a support level.

Grasping Buy a Bounce

Buy a bounce trading strategies are typically distinguished from technical analysis designs. There are various examples that can be utilized with different trading strategies that can likewise be conveyed to profit from a buy a bounce strategy. At the point when a security falls to a support level, a trader might purchase a position in anticipation of a close term bounce.

Buy a bounce trading opportunities are recognized when a security arrives at its support trendline. Securities will generally trade inside a predetermined price channel range for an extended period of time with the security's price fluctuating inside the resistance and support price ranges.

At the point when a security's price arrives at the support line, traders might possibly utilize a buy a bounce strategy to profit from an expected increase of the low support level. Most traders will need to affirm a bounce off of a support level by utilizing a combination of qualitative and quantitative technical indicators before entering a position.

Technical Indicators for Bounce Buying

Support, or a support level, alludes to the price level that an asset doesn't fall below for a while. An asset's support level is made by buyers entering the market at whatever point the asset dips to a lower price. In technical analysis, the simple support level can be diagrammed by drawing a line along the lowest lows for the time span being thought of. The support line can be flat or skewed up or down with the overall price trend. Other technical indicators and charting strategies can be utilized to distinguish further developed variants of support.

Numerous technical analysts use envelope channels as a key method for distinguishing support lines for the buy a bounce strategies. Two of the most usually utilized envelope channels incorporate Bollinger Bands and Donchian Channels.

Bollinger Bands are drawn utilizing a moving average center trendline. A moving average trendline is calculated as the average of the security's closing price throughout a predetermined time span, typically 50 or 200 days. When a moving average trendline is laid out, charting software will draw a resistance and support line two standard deviations above and below the midpoint moving average.

Donchian Channels are an envelope channel that is made utilizing the high and low price of a security throughout a predetermined time span. In a Donchian Channel, the resistance trendline is made from the highest daily price throughout a predetermined time period. Adversely, the support channel is made from the lowest daily price throughout a predetermined time period.

Illustration of a Buying a Bounce

Suppose your analysis says that XYZ stock will bounce at the $40 area. You accept this is the case on the grounds that historically the stock has traded in a scope of $40-$50. As the stock methodologies $40, you put in a limit buy order to claim shares at $40. Your goal is to profit from a quick bounce in the stock from a support area.

The most fundamental trade would incorporate buying shares of the security to profit from a price increase. Traders can likewise utilize options to profit from a bounce. In such a scenario, a trader would need to buy a in-the-money (ITM) call that is expected to make greater profit as the price rises. As the price rises, the investor can exercise the call option at a strike price below the current price and benefit from the difference.


  • Buy a bounce includes buying securities when they have arrived at a technical support level.
  • The goal is to foresee a bounce up from the support level in the close to term.
  • Enveloped and channels are helpful technical instruments to recognize buy a bounce opportunities.