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Calgary Dollar

Calgary Dollar

What is a Calgary Dollar

The Calgary dollar is a local currency developed for and utilized exclusively by residents of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Calgary dollars are part of an initiative to move nearby consumers to shop close to home, to customize economic relations, to sustain a feeling of community, and to increase both neighborhood independence and bioregionalism.

Figuring out Calgary Dollar

The Calgary dollar, abbreviated as C$, is a nearby currency that isn't backed by Canada's government. It is a complementary currency that is intended to function alongside the Canadian dollar (CAD) as opposed to supplant it.. You can't earn interest by saving Calgary dollars; they are planned exclusively to be spent in commerce.

The Calgary dollar program was laid out in 1996 by a nearby nonprofit enterprise called the Arusha Center, which has managed and worked the program from that point onward. At the point when it was first sent off, the currency was called Bow Chinook Hours, since Calgary is recognized by the Bow River and the warm chinook winds that give the region a rest from the cold of winter. The Calgary dollars moniker was officially adopted in 2002.

To participate in the Calgary dollar program, consumers and traders must pursue it. One Calgary dollar has a similar value as one Canadian dollar, and they can be utilized to purchase locally all essential necessities, like food, dress and transportation as well as discretionary great expressions and relaxation things. The system is legal and businesses pay taxes on any Calgary dollars they earn.

Participating nearby dealers can decide to acknowledge Calgary dollars for 25 percent to 100 percent of the price of their goods and services. A customer could pay for a $20 purchase with $5 in Calgary dollars and $15 in Canadian dollars at a business that acknowledges 25 percent Calgary dollars. Calgary dollars come in categories of $1, $5, $10, $25 and $50 dollars. Not at all like most forms of paper-based money systems, the Calgary dollar is produced using plastic. In 2018, the Calgary dollar movement went digital through a mobile app for e-payments.

Calgary Dollars and Bioregionalism

One of the primary drivers behind the send off of the Calgary dollar system was to assist with widening the concept and adoption of bioregionalism. Bioregionalism urges residents to turn out to be all the more personally acquainted with and dependent on nearby food, materials and resources as a method for turning out to be more independent.

For instance, the movement urges individuals to begin a nearby farm or nursery at home, as opposed to buying vegetables at a big supermarket, since store-purchased produce is dependent on petroleum, natural gas and synthetics utilized in pesticides, composts, huge scope food production and delivery. Calgary dollars assist with animating bioregionalism since nearby currency accentuates neighborhood products over those that were developed or made a great many miles away.


  • The Calgary dollar is a nearby complementary currency for the community of Calgary, Canada.
  • Defenders trust that by utilizing Calgary dollars, the community can likewise assist with diminishing carbon emissions by cutting down on the amount of goods that are shipped long distances.
  • First issued in 1996, the goal is advance nearby economic activity and community business relationships.