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S&P Capital IQ

S&P Capital IQ

What Is S&P Capital IQ?

S&P Capital IQ is the research division of S&P Global, one of the world's largest providers of ratings, data, research, and the S&P Dow Jones Indices. S&P Capital IQ gives definite research and analysis of the stock market to an assortment of investing partners.

Figuring out Capital IQ

Established in 1999, Capital IQ began as a provider of software and analytics connected with the markets. It was sold to distributer McGraw-Hill Financial in 2004 for more than $200 million. McGraw-Hill Financial was rebranded as S&P Global in 2016, and Capital IQ was rebranded as S&P Capital IQ.

Standard and Poor's was laid out in 1941 and has developed to turn into the world's leading index provider and independent credit rating source. Since having been acquired by Standard and Poor's in 2004, the company has expanded to turn into a global presence, with operations in excess of 20 countries regulated from its headquarters in New York City. It has made a number of critical acquisitions for growth and expansion. These remember the acquisition of Heale Financial for 2006 for $13 million and ClariFI, Inc. for $87 million out of 2007.

How S&P Capital IQ Works

S&P Capital IQ's web portal offers different software and data feeds to advisory firms, banks, corporations, investment managers, private equity funds, universities, from there, the sky is the limit, giving overall market awareness and investment analysis crowds can use to illuminate their investment strategies.

Consistently, S&P Capital IQ gathers and breaks down in excess of 135 billion data points to act as the leading provider of financial services research. The data S&P Capital IQ gathers and reports to its users incorporates company profiles, executive rundowns, financial data, and independent analyst reports.

Grasping S&P Capital IQ

S&P Capital IQ researches financial news, market bits of knowledge, company performance data, and [sector-explicit data](/area analysis). The firm gives supporters intelligence on in excess of 62,000 public companies and 4.4 million private firms. As indicated by the company's website, it covers financials for 88,000 publicly-recorded companies or the vast majority of global market capitalization.

Also, S&P Capital IQ researches and examines more complex investment structures, including mutual funds and speculative stock investments, giving investors exceptional performance correlations, bits of knowledge, and fund strategies.

Capital IQ's boundless approach to market analysis gives data that can be significant to investors, all things considered, going from large institutional traders to more modest, individual investors, and financial specialists.

Capital IQ Products and Services

The web portal for Capital IQ's products offers many integral assets for institutional and individual investors the same. These devices enable users to gain broad market understanding using its different elements, including market depictions, industry and sub-industry audits, reviews, and general economic bits of knowledge.

Major products of the Capital IQ platform incorporate Compustat, Xpressfeed, and Money Market Directories (MMD). Together, this set-up of devices gives users access to work area research, screening, real-time market data, backtesting, portfolio management, financial modeling, and quantitative analysis through web-based and Excel-based applications.

Compustat, one of Standard and Poor's lead services, has given financial and statistical market data beginning around 1962, and the Xpressfeed service is an organizing and delivery method of the Compustat database that permits users the ability to access and decipher real-time market data utilizing their own instruments. Money Market Directories are a strong prospecting instrument, offering complete, global bits of knowledge into establishments, endowments, and comparative funding sources.


  • S&P Capital IQ is the research arm of S&P Global, the provider of research, ratings, and market indices.
  • The company was first bought by McGraw-Hill Financial in 2004 when it was called Capital IQ. McGraw-Hill has since been rebranded as S&P Global and Capital IQ is currently known as S&P Capital IQ.
  • S&P Capital IQ investigates in excess of 135 billion data points from an assortment of sources to give actionable intelligence to supporters.