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Casino Finance

Casino Finance

What Is Casino Finance?

Casino finance is a shoptalk term for a investment strategy that is thought of as very risky. That is, Wall Street offers risky strategies or investments much the same as playing the lottery in hopes of raising a ruckus around town. It's contended that casino finance isn't really investing, but instead gambling.

How Casino Finance Works

Casino finance alludes to casinos and gambling, where players might have practically zero control over the outcome of their wagers. The terms frequently allude to large "wagers" on investments that are typically high risk, with an anticipated high potential reward outcome. Nonetheless, as with betting at a casino, the investor could lose everything.

Casino finance generally alludes to high-dollar wagers in the markets, either implying high-risk investments, as well as highly leveraged accounts. Investors who utilize these strategies normally face large challenges to endeavor to earn large rewards. While most investors favor a more conservative approach, a few investors are happy with undertaking a large amount of risk, to have the opportunity to secure large returns.

Special Considerations

An article distributed in National Affairs, "Against Casino Finance," notes the excessively tolerant trading culture that outcomes in casino finance. In the piece, creators Eric Posner and E. Glen Weyl contend that unrestricted economy devotees addressed best by freedom supporters, would do well to impose limits on gambling in financial markets.

Specifically, the creators refer to the rise of derivative securities as being dangerous and high-risk gambling. Derivatives are, as the name recommends, based upon different transactions and operate in light of a predictive model of these different transactions. The creators refer to correlation swaps and the tranched collateralized debt obligation (CDO) products as instances of derivatives utilized basically for gambling.

The creators answer freedom supporters and other laissez-faire advocates who should permit any voluntary transaction not straightforwardly hurting an outsider by contending that with regards to gambling in financial markets, numerous investors have no comprehension of the risks they expect. To be sure, they add, it isn't generally certain that they even realize they are gambling. Financial-market gambling, the creators claim, "purposely produces risk to permit individuals to excel without making the useful economic contributions normally required as a condition of securing wealth."

The lack of [regulation](/controlled market) leaves investors especially powerless; the creators make sense of that the shortfall of regulation is essentially due to derivatives' dual nature as a "crazy" gambling gadget and genuine insurance. At last, the creators claim, financial-market gambling "makes way for systemic crises like the one we encountered in 2008." The creators call on Republicans and different conservatives to utilize their history on restricting different forms of gambling to look for regulations and limp casino finance activity.


  • The rise of derivative securities has possibly prompted an increase in the casino finance mentality.
  • This type of investing is much the same as gambling, where investors hope to raise a ruckus around town lottery with their investments.
  • Casino finance is a conversational term used to portray excessively risky investments or trades.
  • These investments are high-dollar wagers in the markets, either implying high-risk investments, and additionally highly leveraged accounts.