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Additional Child Tax CreditAdditional Personal AllowanceAdvanced Premium Tax CreditAlternative Fuels Tax CreditAlternative Motor Vehicle CreditAmerican Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC)Annual Investment Allowance (AIA)Assessable ProfitAway From HomeBlack Liquor Tax CreditBusiness ExpensesCapital Loss CarryoverCasualty and Theft LossesCharitable DonationChild and Dependent Care CreditChild Tax CreditDeductibleDeductionDeferred Gain On Sale Of HomeDividend Tax CreditEarned Income Tax Credit (EITC)Education Tax CreditEnergy Tax CreditExemptionFirst-Time Homebuyer Tax CreditForeign Housing Exclusion And DeductionForeign Tax CreditForeign Tax DeductionForm 1045Form 2106-EZForm 3903Form 4684Form 5405Fractional GiftGeneral Business Credit (GBC)Gross-Income TestGulf Opportunity ZoneHistoric StructureHome OfficeHomestead ExemptionHope CreditIRS Form 4952IRS Publication 463IRS Publication 501IRS Publication 503IRS Publication 524 (Credit for the Elderly or the Disabled)IRS Publication 529 (Miscellaneous Deductions)IRS Publication 530IRS Publication 536IRS Publication 929Itemized DeductionLifetime Learning Credit (LLC)Lodging ExpensesLong-Term Capital Gain or LossLongtime Homebuyer Tax CreditMember of HouseholdMiscellaneous Tax CreditsModified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS)Mortgage Interest DeductionNon-Refundable Tax CreditOrdinary and Necessary Expense (O & NE)Ordinary LossPercentage DepletionPhase OutPrimary Business PurposePrincipal ResidenceProperty InventoryProperty Tax DeductionQualified Electric VehicleQualified Production Activities Income (QPAI)Qualified Retirement Savings Contribution CreditQualifying RelativeRecaptureRefundable CreditResearch Activities CreditSaver's Tax CreditSection 1031Section 1237 Capital Gain OpportunitySection 1244 StockStandard DeductionStandard Mileage RateTax AvoidanceTax BreakTax CreditTax Deductible InterestTax DeductionTax ShieldTax-Exempt InterestTax-Exempt SecurityTax-Loss HarvestingThe Smith ManeuverTransportation and Storage CostsTravel ExpensesUnified Tax CreditWorking Tax Credit (WTC)