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Cincinnati Stock Exchange (CSE)

Cincinnati Stock Exchange (CSE)

What Was the Cincinnati Stock Exchange?

The Cincinnati Stock Exchange was a securities exchange framed in 1885 by a group of Cincinnati financial specialists. The CSE's headquarters moved to Chicago in 1995, and in 2003 the CSE changed its name to the National Stock Exchange (NSX) and migrated its headquarters to New Jersey.

Understanding the Cincinnati Stock Exchange

The Cincinnati Stock Exchange was established by several conspicuous Cincinnati money managers in the year 1885, answering the developing financial necessities of the city. As an ever increasing number of major organizations set up in Cincinnati, these dealers required an approach to trade shares in the titanic industries publicly. It immediately turned into the fiscal hub of the city. In 1976, its trading floor was closed down, and the market turned into all electronic, operating through phones and PCs.

In 1995, as economic particularism was on the disappear, the market moved from Cincinnati to the regional hub of commerce and stock trading, Chicago, however kept on operating as the Cincinnati Stock Exchange until Nov. 7, 2003, when it was renamed the National Stock Exchange (NSX).

In 1976, the CSE supplanted its physical trading floor with a significantly more efficient geologically scattered electronic trading floor due to amendments made in 1975 to the Securities and Exchange Act. In 1985, the CSE turned into the main completely electronic exchange in the United States, able to do consequently executing orders through the Intermarket Trading System.

The National Stock Exchange (NSX)

The Cincinnati Stock Exchange had been owned by its founders and their heirs since its beginning, however in 2006 as the National Stock Exchange (NSX) it demutualized and in the long run moved to Jersey City, NJ. In September of 2011, it was announced that the Cboe Stock Exchange had organized to purchase the National Stock Exchange, and the acquisition was completed on December 30, 2011, however the NSX was never merged with the Cboe Exchange or moved to Chicago, and the two kept on operating in parallel.

In May 2014, the exchange changed its pricing structure to charge the two sides a fee when a trade was made. All trading operations were stopped on May 30, 2014, yet the exchange made an announcement claiming that it was as yet a registered securities exchange. The purpose of the statement was to keep up with investor confidence as the exchange went through a major reorganization. Uncontrolled speculation that the exchange might be closing down was energized by the recent closure of the owner of NSX, the Cboe Stock Exchange, in April of that year.

On February 24, 2015, the National Stock Exchange was purchased by an entity known as National Stock Exchange Holdings, and trading continued in late December of that year. In December of 2016, the New York Stock Exchange announced that it had agreed to purchase the National Stock Exchange, and, pending SEC endorsement, the NSX shut down trading operations again on February 1, 2017.

Pending SEC endorsement of the acquisition, the NYSE announced its plans to coordinate it into Pillar, an experimental trading platform, and to rename it "NYSE National," both at vague points from here on out.

On January 12, 2018, the SEC greenlit the resumption of operations of NYSE National Inc., which consequently started the second quarter of that fiscal year. NYSE National remaining parts a completely electronic market that joins the high performance of NYSE Pillar technology with a "taker/creator" fee schedule. With the highest exchange rebates accessible for eliminating liquidity, NYSE National is an attractive trading setting for investors utilizing fee-delicate strategies to take liquidity or for passive traders seeking to limit their opportunity to-fill.


  • It later turned into an early adopter of electronic trading advances and was rebranded as the National Stock Exchange (NSX) in 2003. Around then it moved from Ohio to Jersey City, NJ, after a concise stretch headquartered in Chicago.
  • Today, the National Stock Exchange is part of the NYSE, where it is known as the NYSE National.
  • The Cincinnati Stock Exchange, initially established in 1885, was a stock exchange known principally for its railroad and financial firms.