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What is a codicil?

A codicil is an amendment to a will that changes the document or adds to it. Just like the original will, a codicil requires the signature of two grown-up observers to confirm that the person composing the codicil is the person he says he is and that he has all the earmarks of being sufficiently skillful to compose the codicil.

More profound definition

To change your will, you can either compose a totally new will or add at least one codicils to it. Now that wills can be written and stored electronically, drawing up another document might be more straightforward.
At the point when codicils originated during the 1400s, this was unrealistic. Composing a document was additional tedious and exorbitant than it is today. That is the reason many individuals added a changed statement to your will as opposed to making another one.
Not at all like other legal documents, you can't just sign a codicil in front of a notary public. While a notary can confirm your identity, he can't vouch for your mental state. This is one more motivation behind why you might need to just compose another will on the off chance that you need to go to the difficulty of having a codicil seen by two individuals.
In any case, there might be circumstances where you're rolling out just minor improvements and really like to add a codicil essentially. For instance, maybe you change the name of a listed beneficiary since she changed her last name due to marriage or divorce.
Or on the other hand, maybe you need to name an alternate person to be the executor of your estate after you kick the bucket. In this case, a codicil may be the simpler option. For bigger changes, for example, eliminating somebody from your will, you might need to compose another will all things considered. Likewise, on the off chance that you've added several codicils, making another document might less befuddle.

Codicil model

In the event that you've chosen to add somebody to your will, adding a codicil might be more straightforward than composing a totally new will, particularly on the off chance that the option is simple and direct. For instance, you begin chipping in at a nearby food bank and need to make a bequest to the organization in your will. You just could add a codicil, naming the organization and the amount you need to provide for it.