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Corporate Headquarters (HQ)

Corporate Headquarters (HQ)

What Is a Corporate Headquarters (HQ)?

A corporate headquarters (HQ) is a place where a company's executive management and key managerial and support staff are found. A corporate headquarters is viewed as a business' most important location and may likewise loan eminence to its host city and assist with drawing in different businesses to the area.

Businesses much of the time find their corporate headquarters in and around large urban communities due to the greater business opportunities, access to ability, infrastructure, and services they offer.

Grasping Corporate Headquarters

A corporate headquarters might be a single building or grounds of buildings that act as a permanent place to stay for a corporation's executive, managerial, human resources, corporate communications, legal and accounting groups, as well as its primary support groups and staff. A company's chief executive officer (CEO) will be situated in a corporate headquarters. Where a corporation's headquarters is found can play a huge part in aiding form its culture and mission, as well as informing its charitable and business rehearses.

A business' corporate headquarters isn't really the location where the majority of its employees work. Offices of a business that are not the corporate headquarters are called branch offices.

In the vernacular, corporate headquarters might be alluded to just as "corporate" or the "head office." For instance, a manager could tell an employee, "Our rules with respect to sick days come from corporate."

The State of Incorporation

A corporation's physical corporate headquarters is rarely a similar place as where it is incorporated. About half of the publicly traded corporations in the United States (and around 60% of Fortune 500 companies) are incorporated in the state of Delaware, whose General Corporation Law and Court of Chancery give especially strong legal balance to businesses.

In 2020, New York finished off the rundown with 54 Fortune 500 corporations settled in the state, trailed by California with 53 and Texas with 50.

Changing HQ Locations

Ongoing history has shown a couple of instances of large U.S. corporations moving their corporate headquarters or even adopting a system of dual corporate headquarters. In 2020, both Tesla and Oracle moved their corporate headquarters from California to Texas.

These moves are much of the time impacted by political inclinations, tax policies, or market conditions. In 2017, after north of 40 years General Electric removed its headquarters from the Connecticut rural areas to Boston to be closer to understudies and a more youthful labor pool. It received $145 million in incentives from Boston and the State of Massachusetts for the move, bringing along 200 employees from the Connecticut headquarters, notwithstanding 600 workers recruited from the Boston area.

Since a corporate headquarters can bring position and business, many state legislatures offer liberal tax incentives to companies that decide to migrate.

Amazon HQ2

In 2017, Seattle-based participated in a highly-pitched look briefly, supplemental headquarters known as "HQ2." The company stipulated that candidate urban communities ought to be in metro areas of something like 1,000,000 individuals, be close to both a population center and an international airport, close to major highways, be accessible to mass transit, and have a lot of office space for future expansion.

Tax incentives were additionally expected. For instance, Newark, N.J., proposed as much as $7 billion in incentives, Montgomery County, Md., has said it would distribute $5 billion to infrastructure, and Chicago has said it would pony up $2 billion. As far as concerns its, Amazon guaranteed to place 50,000 highly paid workers in the new headquarters and spend $5 billion on new construction.

In 2018, Amazon revealed that HQ2 would be split between Long Island City, New York, and Arlington, Virginia. The New York location was rejected after resistance from nearby activists.

Tax Breaks and Incentives

Amazon received more than 200 proposition from states and economic development organizations in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico that promoted extravagant infrastructure projects, requests in view of the municipal character, reasonable and social conveniences of every city, and outright offers of billions of dollar of tax breaks.

Specialists on the subject fight that urban areas might overbid in such cases and end up discrediting the benefits of winning. They likewise battle that the utilization of tax breaks to secure company headquarters is the best method for keeping up with locations and workers currently in place, as opposed to endeavoring to land new corporate occupants.

Special Considerations

The job of corporate headquarters has changed because of globalization, remote working, and the coronavirus pandemic. In spite of the fact that it is presently not urgent to have company executives in a similar city, urban headquarters are as yet important sites for ability exploring and training, makes sense of the Harvard Business Review.

What's more, there are less benefits for companies settled in major urban communities like San Francisco or New York. As more office workers opt for remote work, many companies will track down benefits and savings in spreading their operations to more modest, more affordable urban communities.

The Bottom Line

The corporate headquarters was once an important operational hub for the modern company and the site of all executive direction. Albeit online communications and remote working have made the physical locations less important, there is as yet a high emblematic value for companies situated in esteemed urban communities. In any case, many companies are deciding to migrate looking for more profitable tax benefits.

Corporate Headquarters FAQs

What City Is Home to the Most Australian Corporate Headquarters?

Perth is home to 652 companies that are listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, more than some other Australian city. Sydney is in runner up, with just under 500.

Where Could Walmart's Corporate Headquarters be?

The Walmart corporate headquarters is situated in Bentonville, Arkansas.

What Are the Best States for Corporate Headquarters?

While there is no unmistakable "best" state for a corporate headquarters, business studies have reliably positioned Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, Utah, and Washington among the most invaluable locations.

Why Are Companies Moving to Texas?

Numerous tech companies have refered to high taxes, housing prices, and cost of living as their explanations behind migrating their headquarters to Texas.


  • A corporation's physical corporate HQ isn't really situated in a similar place as where it is incorporated as a legal entity.
  • A corporate headquarters (HQ) is a centralized office location where a company's management and key staff operate and regulate overall business activities.
  • Corporate headquarters will quite often be situated in or around large metropolitan areas like Boston or New York City, or specialized commercial centers like Silicon Valley.
  • Companies might change the location of their headquarters to gain great tax status, draw in ability, or extend to a larger property.
  • Due to the upsides of remote working and the coronavirus pandemic, numerous corporations are opting to move their headquarters to more modest, more affordable urban communities.