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Q as a Ticker Symbol

Q as a Ticker Symbol

What Is Q as a Ticker Symbol?

The letter Q used to be part of the ticker symbols for a stock trading on the Nasdaq, determining that a particular company was in bankruptcy procedures. On the off chance that the letter Q appeared as the last letter of a Nasdaq symbol, it signified, "bankrupt: issuer has sought financial protection," as the Nasdaq put it.

Grasping Q

All companies traded on the Nasdaq have four-lettered ticker symbols, which are representative of the genuine company. For instance, Apple trades as AAPL, Microsoft as MSFT, etc. Nonetheless, at times, a ticker symbol on the Nasdaq will have five letters, and the fifth letter is an identifier symbol that informs market participants something regarding the company.

Before the system changed, Nasdaq added a Q onto a company's ticker to tell investors the company declared financial insolvency. Nasdaq presently utilizes the Financial Status Indicator, which imprints key issues past just bankruptcy filings, including an inability to meet Nasdaq listing requirements. Different markets and exchanges might in any case utilize "Q" to demonstrate a bankruptcy filing, notwithstanding.

Q is one of two letters that the Nasdaq no longer purposes as an identifier, with the other being E.

Each trading day, Nasdaq distributes a rundown of companies that, somehow, don't fulfill the listing guidelines. As indicated by Nasdaq, a company is added to the rundown five business days after Nasdaq tells the company about its noncompliance and is taken out from the rundown one business day after Nasdaq discovers that the company has recaptured compliance or no longer trades on Nasdaq.


  • Q is a former Nasdaq assignment that prominent a company had petitioned for financial protection.
  • The Nasdaq phased out the utilization of Q starting around 2016.
  • The Q would appear as the last letter in a stock symbol.