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Associate in Information Technology (AIT)

Associate in Information Technology (AIT)

What Is an Associate in Information Technology (AIT)?

An Associate in Information Technology (AIT) assignment is geared towards different insurance professionals, for example, agency faculty, agency directors, automation project team individuals, claims agents, IT staff, line of business managers, support and general office staff, and underwriters.

The assignment permits insurance professionals to bridge the gap among insurance and IT by covering the technical areas that insurance professionals ought to comprehend and giving the IT professional a top to bottom comprehension of insurance automation issues.

Grasping the Associate in Information Technology (AIT)

The insurance industry has encountered a progress from a period of centrally controlled data processing to a period where worldwide organizations have engaged users. For some insurance and IT professionals, this has made a technology information gap.

Like never before, technical IT staff requires information on the business processes they serve, and IT professionals require information on IT. The AIT assignment is intended to give both insurance professionals and IT professionals who work in the insurance industry the information and skills they need to satisfy the needs of their customers in the new digital age.

Associate in Information Technology Curriculum

The AIT program supplanted the Associate in Automation Management (AAM) Program. There are two methods for earning an AIT assignment: (1) Complete AIT 131, AIT 132, and AIT 134 or (2) use either or both recently completed parts of AAM 131 and AAM 132 alongside the current AIT 134.

The accompanying courses are required to earn the AIT assignment:

AIT 131: Essentials of Information Technology

This course covers the accompanying points:

  • Internet and the World Wide Web
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Info and Output
  • Communications, Networks, and Safeguards
  • Personal Technology
  • Databases and Information Systems
  • Difficulties of the Digital Age
  • Programming

AIT 132: Insurance Uses of Technology

This course covers the accompanying points:

  • Technology and Insurance Information
  • Dealing with a System
  • Effect on Marketing/Basic Policy Processing
  • Needs Analysis
  • Technology in Underwriting and Claims
  • Data Security
  • Agency Management Systems
  • Internet Insurance Marketing
  • Internet Sales and Service in the Insurance Industry
  • Agency/Company Interface
  • Industry Level Information Requirements

AIT 134: The Strategic Management of Information

This course covers the accompanying points:

  • Making Business Advantage with IT
  • Making Business Models
  • Building Networked Businesses
  • Presenting the Defense for Networked Business
  • Grasping Internetworking Infrastructure
  • Guaranteeing solid and Secure IT Services
  • Overseeing Diverse IT Infrastructures
  • Sorting out and Leading the IT capability
  • Overseeing IT Outsourcing
  • A Portfolio Approach to IT
  • Data Warehousing

The all around applicable skills you gain from AIT can improve your marketability. Whether you are an IT professional seeking to better comprehend insurance business processes or an insurance professional seeking to develop your insight into technology, AIT can assist you with dealing with your mechanical growth while you advance your career.

It is suggested that AIT 131 be the primary course taken. Likewise, assuming you finished the AAM 131 exam, AIT 131 is deferred. In the event that you breezed through the AAM 132 exam, the AIT 132 is deferred. Assuming you hold the Associate in Insurance Data Management (AIDM) or the Certified Insurance Data Manager (CIDM) assignment, the AIT 131 exam is deferred.


  • Three courses are required to earn the assignment: Essentials of Information Technology, Insurance Uses of Technology, and Strategic Management of Information.
  • The assignment gives a top to bottom comprehension of insurance automation issues.
  • An Associate in Information Technology (AIT) gives insurance and insurance IT professionals the skills and information they need to bridge the gap among insurance and IT.