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What is an actuary?

An actuary is a professional who evaluates and oversees risks that businesses might experience, as normally financial investments and insurance policies. Utilizing numbers and statistics, actuaries can decide the probability of future occasions and help businesses anticipate and plan for possibly adverse occasions.

More profound definition

Actuaries use likelihood, computer science, financial theory, human behavior, and business trends to help foresee, make due, or keep unfortunate occasions from happening. By examining statistics connected with a threat or risk and thinking of ways of dealing with them, actuaries reduce or forestall the negative consequence of any unfortunate occasions that do happen.
Most actuaries work for and with insurance companies. Here, actuaries use mortality tables and investigate lifestyle factors to assist with foreseeing the cost of protecting somebody throughout some undefined time frame. Furthermore, actuaries can help recognize and empower certain behaviors that could bring down their risk, consequently lessening insurance premiums paid by the insured too.
Financial companies likewise are probably going to utilize actuaries since they can assist with foreseeing variances in the market.
Since actuarial science is a study where many individuals can get a degree, actuaries can emerge out of several distinct foundations, including math, statistics, and finance. To turn into an actuary, individuals must breeze through an exam to acquire certification.
Actuaries assist businesses with overseeing risk. You can deal with your own risk by refinancing your mortgage and getting a better rate.

Actuary example

Madison Steel is major manufacturer of steel in the U.S. It needs to give its employees a pension so they can buy into it for their retirement. Madison recruits an actuary, who does the math to figure out how much every employee should invest to guarantee an income in retirement. The actuary reports back a figure, and soon every employee of the steel plant is paying into the fund. Throughout the long term, the actuary needs to change the contribution amount to account for cost-of-living increments as well as the gradually waning labor force.


  • An actuary evaluates and deals with the risks of financial investments and insurance policies, in addition to other things.
  • Actuaries often work for companies in an office setting; others fill in as free-drifting actuary experts to different businesses, albeit normally inside one specific industry, similar to insurance.
  • As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, actuary occupations are filling in prominence, and a median salary on the high end is more than $100,000.