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All-Ordinaries Stock Index

All-Ordinaries Stock Index

What Is the All-Ordinaries Stock Index?

The All-Ordinaries ( or "Kangaroos" for shoptalk) is a stock index contained common shares from the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). The All-Ordinaries Index is the most quoted benchmark for Australian equities. The ASX is responsible for ascertaining and distributing the index and its returns.

Understanding the All-Ordinaries Stock Index

The All-Ordinaries Index is market weighted and incorporates around 500 companies. The All-Ordinaries Index began in January 1980, and is otherwise called the "All Ords." It is the most established index of shares in Australia. The market capitalization of the companies remembered for the All Ords index adds up to north of 95% of the value of all shares listed on the ASX. The 3-letter exchange ticker in Australia for the All Ordinaries is "XAO."

For a company to be remembered for the index, they must meet the requirements laid out by the ASX. The All Ords does exclude the value of any dividends paid to shareholders and subsequently doesn't mirror the total returns produced using share market investments during that period. An index that considers both price developments and dividends is called an accumulation index. There is an All Ordinaries Accumulation Index, but this isn't consistently quoted in the finance media.

At the point when laid out, the All Ords had a base index of 500; this means that assuming the index is at present at 5000 points, the value of stocks in the All Ords has increased ten times since January, 1980. On 3 April 2000, the All Ords was rebuilt to cover the 500 biggest companies by market capitalization. This concurred with the presentation of new benchmark indices like the S&P/ASX 200. The significance of the All Ords has been altogether diminished by these new indices.

All-Ordinaries Index Inclusion Requirements

To be remembered for the All-Ordinaries index, a company must have a market value of no less than 0.2 percent of all domestic equities quoted on the ASX and must keep an average turnover on the ASX of no less than 0.5 percent of its quoted shares each month.

There's a different scope of companies that fulfill these criteria, and their market values shift widely. This means that share price developments for companies with bigger capitalizations largerly affect the All Ordinaries Index than do smaller companies.

The All Ordinaries Index portfolio is refreshed toward the finish of each and every month to guarantee that the companies included keep on gathering the criteria for inclusion. It is additionally refreshed during the time when there are changes in the portfolio companies, including delistings, options and capital recreations.


  • The All-Ordinaries (XAO) is the benchmark stock market index for Australian equities.
  • The index is contained the 500 most important publicly traded Australian corporations, and has been in presence starting around 1980
  • Otherwise called the 'Kangaroos', the index is built and kept up with by the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).