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Associate in Risk Management (ARM)

Associate in Risk Management (ARM)

What Is an Associate in Risk Management?

An Associate in Risk Management (ARM) assignment is a nationally recognized program developed by the Insurance Institute of America, or The Institutes, for dedicated risk management experts. The science of risk management incorporates how to avoid, reduce, and oversee risk.

Grasping Associate in Risk Management

A person with an associate in risk management (ARM) assignment is considered equipped in the risk management process, including legal underpinnings of property, personnel, and net income loss exposure, and can help with pursuing risk management choices to any organization's exposures to accidental and business losses. The ARM program comprises of three parts: risk management, risk assessment, and risk treatment.

An ARM assignment qualifies a person to take a position as an associate risk manager. Duties incorporate distinguishing, surveying, and controlling a company's risk. The associate risk manager gets the right measures of insurance for a company or fosters a self-insurance program inside.

Risk managers project how things can veer off-track, estimate the impact of a disaster, and oversee programs that factor in the costs of recovery in the event of an occurrence and assist with lessening the chance of possible issues. They cover a broad scope of risks connecting with several subjects. A few risks occur inside or due to the organization that they cover, similar to the chance of a manager stopping or a product fizzling. Others are outside, for example, the capability of a tempest impacting a company's operations or a political shift of power muddling business operations.

Associate in Risk Management Courses

The ARM certification expects possibility to complete three courses and breeze through an exam. The main course, ARM 400, presents the principles and practices of risk management and conveys a broad outline of what risk is, the way to distinguish and dissect risk, and how to deal with certain financial risks. The second, ARM 401, incorporates and evaluates types of risks, including risks to physical property, crime, and risks that come from management and human resource issues. At long last, ARM 402 expands on the other two, covering concepts of guaranteeing against risk and financial strategies and contemplations. As an extra requirement, ARM applicants likewise must breeze through an exam, covering insurance ethics, to receive their assignments.

The ARM program shows up-and-comers how to evaluate and answer the various risks and hazards insurance companies face. ARM additionally meets one of the requirements for the Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc. (Edges) Fellow Designation. Edges is a not-for-benefit organization dedicated to propelling the practice of risk management. Edges implies danger management experts around the world.


  • The ARM course program comprises of three courses — ARM 400, ARM 401, and ARM 402 — which incorporates an outline of risk management, how to evaluate risk, and guaranteeing against risk.
  • Associate in risk management (ARM) is an assignment granted to risk management experts who have effectively completed the ARM program.
  • The associate in risk management program centers around risk assessment, control, and financing.
  • The ARM assignment qualifies a person to function as an associate risk manager.