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Auroracoin (AUR)

Auroracoin (AUR)

What Was Auroracoin?

Auroracoin (AUR) was a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency developed in Iceland. It was sent off in 2014 by a pseudonymous creator named Baldur Friggjar \u00d3\u00f0insson. Auroracoin was planned to act as a mechanism for cross-border transfers in the nearby economy. Sadly, the cryptocurrency's value crashed following its send off in March 2014, and it was considered a "failed try."

Yet, Auroracoin was resuscitated in 2015 by a group of designers who expanded the scope of its capabilities to incorporate daily transactions. It was run by the Auroracoin Foundation, laid out in 2015. Aurora's market price will in general drift around $0.10, with an aggregate market value of about $1.5 million.

Auroracoin ought not be mistaken for the cryptocurrency token "Aurora" (AOA).

Grasping Auroracoin

By 2009, Iceland's economy had become bankrupt after the 2008 financial crisis. To stem the outflow of capital, the government organized controls that kept its citizens from removing foreign currency from the country. Similar as Bitcoin, whose creation is widely considered to be a reaction to bank bailouts by the federal government, Auroracoin likewise situated itself as an alternative to government-controlled currencies.

Citizens of Iceland were forced to turn over all foreign currency earned to the Central Bank of Iceland in the five years after the financial crisis. Auroracoin's creators accepted that individuals were not totally free to participate in international trade or invest in organizations abroad. The coin's creators thought the overall effect of the government limitations was devastating the neighborhood economy.

Cryptocurrencies had been a work in progress for a long time before the global financial crisis. The behavior of investment banks and institutional investors just accelerated the developing disappointment with fiat currencies and how they are managed.

Auroracoin depends on the Scrypt (articulated ess-grave) algorithm and is basically a clone of the well known cryptocurrency Litecoin. Half of its tokens were pre-mined and distributed to the citizens of Iceland in three phases. During the main phase in March 2014, every citizen of Iceland received 31.8 AUR. The distributed amount went up to 318 coins in the subsequent phase and was multiplied to 636 coins in the third phase. The leftover half of the coins were annihilated. Iceland's national ID system was utilized to conduct the free airdrop.

What has been going on with Auroracoin?

Ahead of the airdrop, the reputed contribution of the national ID system in facilitating the distribution of coins among citizens gave the impression that the token was government-supported, driving the value up fundamentally. Some have alluded to this as an early failed airdrop explore, while others have focused in on Auroracoin as an early instance of "siphoning and dumping."

Nonetheless, many coin beneficiaries changed out their tokens, bringing about a monstrous crash in price soon after the airdrop. Whether a failed try or a useful example of a crypto scam in plain sight, Auroracoin appears to have lost its momentum and interest from investors and the overall population.


  • The currency was subsequently resuscitated in 2015 by the Auroracoin Foundation, yet it failed to recover the interest of cryptocurrency aficionados.
  • It was established in Iceland in response to the 2008 financial crisis.
  • Auroracoin sent off in 2014 with some fanfare, however it was considered a disappointment before long.
  • Auroracoin (AUR) was a failed endeavor to send off a blockchain-based cryptocurrency as a replacement for the Icelandic kr\u00f3na and Bitcoin.


What Was Auroracoin Used for?

Auroracoin was expected to be utilized as a replacement currency for Iceland after the financial market crashed in 2008. At last, the cryptocurrency never got on as expected and ultimately joined the a huge number of other failed crypto endeavors.

Is AOA Coin a Good Investment?

Auroracoin (AUR) and Aurora (AOA) are two distinct coins. AUR has negligible trading volume; AOA makes them trade volume yet is worth considerably less than AUR. Regardless of whether they are wise investments relies upon your investing objectives, market outlook, and risk tolerance. It's best to address a financial advisor before purchasing AUR or AOA.

How Might I Buy Auroracoin?

You can in any case buy Auroracoin on a couple of decentralized exchanges. YoBit, ISX, and FreiExchange list AUR.