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Chartered Marketing Analyst (CMA)

Chartered Marketing Analyst (CMA)

What Is the Chartered Marketing Analyst (CMA)?

The Chartered Marketing Analyst (CMA) is a professional certificate granted by the GAFM Global Academy of Finance and Management (formerly the American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM)).

The Chartered Marketing Analyst™ Program is intended to prepare people in current marketing strategies and advances that are essential for success in the global changing competitive scene of marketing. These objectives incorporate figuring out customer behavior, segmentation, and market and pricing strategies. The CMA program likewise centers around the financial sector and the essential job of marketing in the development of new banking products and services.

Figuring out the Chartered Marketing Analyst (CMA)

The CMA educational plan has been intended to show the practical marketing strategies and skills required by marketing and customer relationship professionals.

It covers nine major subject areas and uses an assortment of training methods. The key areas of the plan include:

  1. The competitive climate
  2. The job of marketing
  3. Customer behavior
  4. Growing new products and services
  5. Pricing strategies
  6. Promotion and correspondence
  7. Distribution and multi-channel contemplations
  8. CRM and marketing strategy and arranging
  9. Ethics

The accentuation is practical and pragmatic instead of hypothetical, with real case studies from a portion of the world's leading institutions.

Earning the CMA Designation

As well as holding an important four year certification, and at least four years of qualified professional experience, Chartered Marketing Analyst (CMA) competitors must pass of series of three testing six-hour exams.

The first spotlights on essential financial concepts and must be taken in June or December. The second investigates analysis skills and accounting procedures, and the third goes after independent direction and portfolio management skills. Every one of the three likewise tap into ethics. The last two exams are just offered in June, so in the event that competitors fail possibly, they'll need to hang tight a whole year briefly chance.

Chartered Marketing Analyst Topics

The study program to turn into a CMA covers subjects, for example, profitability analysis, valuation techniques, pricing options, and fixed-income derivatives, utilizing software to take care of financial problems, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Successful candidates earn the right to utilize the CMA assignment with their names, which can improve job opportunities, professional reputation, and pay. Consistently, CMA professionals must likewise complete 15 hours of continuing education (CE).

Once that multitude of obstacles are crossed, there are several jobs accessible inside the marketing strands of the financial industry, including marketing manager, PR executive, customer relations manager, product line managers, retail banking managers, and so forth. CMAs can function as independent contractors for large financial firms or be on the payroll of one.

A feeling of status is associated with a CMA assignment. It accepts that this professional will follow similar expansive ethical standards as the a great many charter holders in more than 135 countries.


  • The program is intended to be largely practical, and focused on those all around in the profession at the management level.
  • The CMA program requires self-study by means of an inside and out educational plan followed by a series of exams.
  • The Chartered Marketing Analyst (CMA) is a professional certification for marketing professionals, particularly those arranged in the field of finance.