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Alien Corporation

Alien Corporation

What Is an Alien Corporation?

An alien corporation is a corporation that was made in one more country yet is carrying on with work in the U.S. The term is generally just utilized in the U.S., where different countries don't refer to U.S.- based corporations carrying on with work internationally as alien corporations.

Alien corporations are called foreign corporations by the IRS and SEC, in spite of the fact that there's a distinct difference on the state level.

How an Alien Corporation Works

Alien corporations are once in a while referred to as foreign corporations, quite by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In any case, there is a technical difference on the state level, where foreign corporations are generally defined as companies carrying on with work in one state while being incorporated in another state. Domestic corporations, in the mean time, are those companies incorporated and carrying on with work in a similar state.

Requirements of an Alien Corporation

Operating as an alien corporation requires registering with the U.S. government and additionally state the operations will be in. Too, alien corporations that have shares trading on US exchanges must file Form 20-F with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This form is for filing a foreign company's annual report — like a Form 10-K, which is the annual report filing with the SEC for U.S.- based companies, like Apple (AAPL).

Alien companies must likewise file different forms, for example, Form 6-K, which is required when an alien corporation files a report with regulators in its nation of origin. There's additionally Form F-1, which is required when alien corporations register securities with the SEC, among different forms.

In the interim, an alien corporation must file Form 1120-F with the International Revenue Service (IRS) to report its income and file taxes. This income must be "effectively associated" to a U.S. business, which can incorporate having employees or a facility/area in the U.S.

Illustration of an Alien Corporation

As a fundamental model, if an insurance company is incorporated in Germany, yet carries on with work in Utah, it's an alien corporation. Major brands that are operating as alien corporations in the U.S. incorporate Nestle, Ikea, H&M, Toyota, Samsung, Royal Dutch Shell, and Aldi.

Toyota, for instance, files Form 6-Ks with the SEC when it makes an interpretation of press releases to English that it has filed with Japanese regulators. The carmaker filed its latest 20-F in June 2021, which covers is fiscal year ended March 31, 2021. Royal Dutch Shell files Form 6-Ks when it makes filings with the London Stock Exchange. The oil company that works gas stations in the U.S. filed its 20-F in July 2021 for reporting the second quarter dividend.


  • Alien companies trading on U.S. exchanges must make filings with the SEC.
  • Alien corporations are companies operating in the U.S. however, incorporated in another country.
  • Alien corporations are some of the time referred to as foreign corporations, yet on the state level, foreign corporations are those carrying on with work in one state however incorporated in another state.
  • Any alien company generating income associated with a U.S. business activity must file related tax forms with the IRS.