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Associate in Marine Insurance Management (AMIM)

Associate in Marine Insurance Management (AMIM)

What Is an Associate in Marine Insurance Management (AMIM)?

An Associate in Marine Insurance Management (AMIM) is The Institutes' professional assignment for marine insurance professionals. The Institutes is a risk and insurance information group that offers educational help, resources and behaviors leading research to assist with peopling working in risk management and insurance. It additionally offers courses and assignments, certificates, and professional development programs, online courses, and continuing education opportunities, as per its website.

The AMIM is intended to develop the comprehension of marine insurance for the people who every now and again exhort clients in marine insurance cases. The AMIM's areas of aptitude incorporate ocean marine insurance, inland marine insurance, principles of risk management and insurance, and insurance company operations.

This program of study is important for people working in the fields of ocean marine and inland marine insurance. The AMIM program was developed with the technical and financial assistance of the Inland Marine Underwriters Association and the American Institute of Marine Underwriters.

Figuring out Associates in Marine Insurance Management (AMIM)

The AMIM assignment is suggested for marine managers, marine underwriters, agents and brokers, agency chiefs, claims adjusters, risk managers, call center staff, customer service delegates, and commercial package underwriters. Finishing the AMIM coursework may likewise earn credit toward the Associate in General Insurance (AINS) and Associate in Insurance Services (AIS) assignments. Applicants don't have to meet any experience or education requirements to accomplish this assignment, and there are no continuing education requirements.

AMIM up-and-comers gain further developed information about how marine insurance covers the damage or loss of boats, cargo, frames, terminals, shipyards, or any property by which cargo is acquired, moved, or held between the points of beginning and last objective. The AMIM program can be completed in just 18-24 months, contingent upon how long you give to the program.

AMIM subjects in the four required courses cover delivering fundamentals, cargo insurance contracts, cargo underwriting, and, surprisingly, fine expressions insurance.

Special Considerations

Up-and-comers must pass examinations in four classes to receive the AMIM assignment. The four required courses are ocean marine insurance, inland marine insurance, overseeing advancing risks, and associating the business of insurance operations. Subjects covered in the required courses incorporate transportation fundamentals, cargo insurance contracts, cargo underwriting, structure insurance, insurance company operations, and fine expressions insurance.

Neighborhood testing centers manage the exams over time, with results gave quickly after finishing the exam. Those chasing after the AMIM assignment must likewise pass the ethical dynamic in risk and insurance course.


  • Marine insurance covers the loss or damage associated with numerous areas of transportation companies, similar to the damage and loss of cargo, boats, and mishaps at shipyards.
  • Competitors don't have to sign up for continuing education courses after they get their assignment.
  • The Institutes, a risk management and insurance information group, offers a professional assignment for those keen on working in marine insurance.
  • Marine insurance people exhort clients in marine-associated insurance cases.
  • AMIM applicants must finish an exam in four classes to acquire the professional assignment.
  • Associates in marine insurance management might specialize in marine underwriting, brokerage, or even customer service agents for marine insurance companies.