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Associate in Insurance Services (AIS)

Associate in Insurance Services (AIS)

What Is the Associate in Insurance Services (AIS) Designation?

The Associate in Insurance Services (AIS) is a professional certification in the insurance industry that underlines general information about the industry, its products, and its regulatory scene. The AIS is administered by The Institutes, an organization dedicated to giving accreditation and continuing education to insurance professionals.

How the AIS Designation Works

The purpose of the AIS is to guarantee that professionals entering the insurance field are furnished with a broad base of figuring out about the insurance sector. Relative to different assignments offered by The Institutes, the AIS is centered predominantly around the fundamentals of the insurance industry. Conversely, different certifications presented by The Institutes are centered around additional specific specializations, like the Associate in Reinsurance (ARe) or Associate in Fidelity and Surety Bonding (AFSB) assignments.

To earn the AIS, candidates must initially earn one of The Institutes' essential assignment programs. These are administered on a self-educated basis, albeit extra in-person training might be accessible relying upon the competitor's region. At times, up-and-comers might be eligible to sidestep the course requirements by and large on the off chance that they have previously gotten a further developed insurance-related certification. Instances of such advanced credentials remember the Associate for Reinsurance (ARe), the Associate in Claims (AIC), and the Associate in Risk Management (ARM) certifications, among others.

Following the completion of the essential assignment program, candidates must complete one extra core course, called "Conveying Insurance Services." This foundational course gives an outline of the insurance industry, including portraying the requirements of potential insurance clients, and overviews some common management methods professionals can utilize. Its coursework connects with so much issues as leadership, collaboration, and organizational designs. Those competitors who complete this foundation course are qualified for a Certificate of Completion.

Finishing the program might give candidates credit toward another assignment, the Associate in Surplus Lines Insurance (ASLI)

True Example of the AIS Designation

The AIS assignment is commonly looked for by professionals wishing to enter the insurance industry or as part of a continuous professional education program. Since it is predominantly worried about the fundamentals of the insurance industry, many competitors will see the AIS as a platform for hence getting further developed assignments.

Today, the AIS is just one of 28 distinct assignments offered by The Institutes. In recent years, the number of such assignments has multiplied all through the financial services industry, with numerous professionals finding it important to proactively upgrade their skills to stay competitive with the rising complexity of modern financial and insurance products.


  • The assignment stresses general information about the industry, its practices, and regulatory rules.
  • It is one of numerous assignments offered by The Institutes, an organization giving training and accreditation to professionals in the insurance industry.
  • The principal coursework for the AIS ordinarily requires somewhere in the range of 10 and 25 months and incorporates an essential assignment program and a core course.
  • The Associate in Insurance Services, or AIS, is a professional assignment in the insurance industry.