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On Neck Pattern

On Neck Pattern

What Is On Neck Pattern?

The on neck pattern happens when a long real bodied down candle is followed by a smaller real bodied up candle that gaps down on the open however at that point closes close to the prior candle's close. The pattern is called a neckline on the grounds that the two closing prices are something similar (or practically the equivalent) across the two candles, shaping a horizontal neckline.

The pattern is hypothetically viewed as a continuation pattern, showing that the price will proceed with lower following the pattern. In reality, that just happens about half the time. Subsequently, the pattern likewise frequently demonstrates basically a short-term reversal higher.

Understanding the On Neck Pattern

The on neck pattern happens during a downtrend, or a pullback inside an uptrend, when a bearish candle with a long real body is followed by a smaller bullish candle that neglects to close over the bearish candle's close. The small bullish candle could take quite a few forms, for example, a doji, rickshaw man, or any bull candle with a smaller real body than the prior candle, however the closing prices of the two candles ought to be equivalent or almost equivalent.

The pattern shows bulls endeavoring a rally that winds up flaming out on the subsequent candle, unable to push the close over the prior candle's close. Hypothetically, it is expected that the price will proceed with lower following the pattern. As indicated by the Encyclopedia of Candlestick Charts by Thomas Bulkowski, the price just proceeds to the downside 56% of the time. The remainder of the time it will be going about as a reversal pattern to the upside.

Bulkowski's study found that while the price would in general proceed with lower on a more regular basis, when the price switched to the upside the resulting move was bigger. Consequently, traders might like to look for a move higher following the pattern to really signal an upside reversal. These types of up moves will generally be marginally bigger than declines that follow the pattern.

Traders ought to utilize the on neck pattern related to different forms of technical analysis, for example, chart patterns or technical indicators. This is on the grounds that the pattern could bring about a move in one or the other course, so affirming data might assist with signaling which heading that is probably going to be. Traders additionally have the option of waiting for confirmation candles.

Confirmation candles are the candles that follow the pattern, moving either up or down, cautioning the trader which bearing the price could move further. For instance, in the event that the pattern forms and, the price drops below the low of the subsequent candle, that could be deciphered as confirmation that the price is going lower.

On Neck Trader Psychology

The security is participated in a primary downtrend or a major pullback inside a primary uptrend. The primary candle posts a long black real body. This weak price activity increments bearish smugness while driving weakened bulls into full retreat.

The security gaps down on the subsequent candle and auctions to a new low, however purchasers assume command and are able to lift the price to the prior close yet not above it. The bears see the bulls missing the mark on power to push the price over the prior close. The theory is that the bears will assume command of the next several candles, pushing the price lower. As examined, in reality, this just happens about half the time. Subsequently the pattern puts the two bears and bulls on edge, bringing about basically a coin flip concerning whether prices will go higher or lower following the pattern.

Illustration of How to Use the On Neck Pattern

The following daily chart of Apple Inc. (AAPL) shows two on neck patterns that happened during pullbacks inside an overall uptrend.

In this case, the price continued higher following the pattern. When the price began to climb following the pattern, a stop loss could be founded below the pattern to control risk in the event the price began to decline once more.

The Difference Between the On Neck Pattern and Counterattack Lines

Counterattack lines are basically the same as the on neck pattern, then again, actually with counterattack lines the down candle and up candle have real bodies of comparative size. In the on neck pattern, the subsequent candle is smaller. In theory, the on neck pattern is a continuation pattern, while counterattack lines are a reversal pattern.

Limitations of the On Neck Pattern

Following the pattern, the price could move higher or lower with almost equivalent chances. Moves to the upside following the pattern will generally be bigger than moves to the downside.

Trading in view of the pattern could bring about quite a few varieties. While a breakout lower is somewhat simple to characterize as a drop below the low (or close) of the subsequent candle, the trader should choose if they view a move over the high (or close) of the subsequent candle or first candle as the breakout point higher.

A method of profit-taking must be conceived as the candlestick pattern doesn't have an inherent profit target.

The pattern is best utilized related to affirming evidence from other technical indicators and methods.


  • In theory, the pattern is a continuation pattern to the downside, however in reality, it acts as a continuation pattern and a reversal pattern with almost a similar frequency.
  • Trading on the pattern could bring about quite a few varieties.
  • The pattern is made by a long real bodied down candle, followed by a smaller real bodied up candle with a similar close as the prior candle.