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Chief Legal Officer (CLO)

Chief Legal Officer (CLO)

A chief legal officer (CLO) is frequently a public corporation's generally strong legal executive. The chief legal officer (CLO) is an expert and leader who assists the company with minimizing its legal risks by advising the company's different officers and board members on any major legal and regulatory issues the company goes up against, for example, litigation risks.

The CLO may likewise be a member of the company's operating committee and is regulated by the CEO. The CLO supervises the company's in-house attorneys.

At the point when a large, public corporation recruits another CLO, it might make the news, just as the hiring of another COO or CFO may. A CLO regularly has a broad career in law. Positions a CLO could hold before becoming an executive include the head of legal, first broad direction, and firm partner.

Obligations of a CLO

The structure of each company can change and the specific duties of the CLO job may not be something very similar at every organization. The position can include keeping the executive leadership informed of new or changing laws that might influence or connect with their operations and industry. The CLO could likewise lay out educational plan programs assuming vital for employees who need to comprehend legal issues and conventions that connect with their jobs or the company's operations.

Contracts and Regulatory Approvals

For instance, certain types of products must initially pass regulatory endorsements and every unit then, at that point, must go through inspection before being delivered available to be purchased. A disappointment of that interaction and any connected injuries — through contamination, for instance — may open the company to litigation.

Understanding the contracts endorsed by the company, as well as agreements of confidentiality, can likewise fall under the CLO's liabilities. Making sure that managers and different workers are additionally aware of what they can mean for the company's legal standing may likewise be part of the job.

Compliance Issues

Keeping the company aware of compliance issues and recommending a course of action to cure such matters likewise fall under the duties of the CLO. There is additionally a part of corporate governance to the job, in which certain obligations and duties rest with the CLO to guarantee the company isn't violating laws. For instance, this might include guaranteeing the company leads its hiring cycle following employment law standards, complies to proper product labeling regulations, satisfies wellbeing and safety codes, and documents reports that are ordered by government agencies.


Assuming the company is involved in litigation, the chief legal officer could address the company straightforwardly, lead the legal team that does, or select the attorney who will.


  • The CLO frequently stays with the side by side of legal changes that influence the firm or their industry.
  • As a general rule, a chief legal officer's professional history includes jobs like the head of legal, general direction, and general partner.
  • A chief legal officer (CLO) is a legal executive appointed to oversee a firm's legal department, lead in-house attorneys, give guidance on major legal and regulatory issues, and attempt to minimize legal risks.
  • Other CLO duties include establishing an educational plan to instruct employees on legal issues, overseeing hiring rehearses, and litigating for the company.
  • The CLO may likewise be a member of the company's operating committee and is directed by the CEO.