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T DistributionT SharesT-AccountT-TestT+1 (T+2, T+3)TAAPSTactical Asset Allocation (TAA)Tactical TradingTaft-Hartley ActTag-Along RightsTaguchi Method of Quality ControlTail RiskTailgatingTailored AdvertisingTaiwan OTC Exchange (TWO)Taiwan Stock Exchange (TAI) .TWTaiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TSEC) Weighted IndexTakafulTake a BathTake a FlierTake a ReportTake or PayTake-Home PayTake-Out CommitmentTake-Out LoanTake-Profit Order - T/PTakedownTakeoutTakeout LenderTakeout ValueTakeoverTakeover ArtistTakeover BidTakerTakeunderTaking the StreetTandem PlanTangible AssetTangible Book Value Per Share (TBVPS)Tangible Common Equity (TCE)Tangible Common Equity (TCE) RatioTangible CostTangible Net WorthTangible Personal PropertyTangle (IOTA)TankTankan SurveyTap IssueTape ReadingTape ShreddingTaper TantrumTaperingTaping RuleTarget Cash BalanceTarget FirmTarget HashTarget MarketTarget Payout RatioTarget RateTarget ReturnTarget Risk (Insurance)Target-Benefit PlanTarget-Date FundTarget-Risk FundTargeted Accrual Redemption Note (TARN)Targeted Amortization Class (TAC)Targeted-Distribution FundTariffTariff WarTARP BonusesTax AccountingTax AdvisorTax And Price Index (TPI)Tax Anticipation Bill (TAB)Tax Anticipation Note (TAN)Tax ArbitrageTax AttributeTax AvoidanceTax BaseTax BenefitTax BracketTax BreakTax CheatTax Clawback AgreementTax CodeTax CourtTax CreditTax Deductible InterestTax DeductionTax DeedTax DeferredTax Differential View of Dividend PolicyTax DragTax EfficiencyTax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982 (TEFRA)Tax EvasionTax ExpenseTax ExportingTax FairnessTax FraudTax Freedom DayTax HavenTax HolidayTax HomeTax Identification Number (TIN)Tax IncidenceTax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act of 2005 (TIPRA)Tax IndexingTax LiabilityTax LienTax Lien CertificateTax Lien ForeclosureTax Loss CarryforwardTax Lot AccountingTax PlanningTax Preference ItemTax RateTax Reform Act of 1986Tax Reform Act of 1993Tax RefundTax Refund Anticipation Loan (RAL)Tax ReliefTax ReturnTax RollTax SaleTax ScheduleTax SeasonTax SellingTax Service FeeTax ShelterTax ShieldTax TableTax TreatyTax UmbrellaTax WedgeTax YearTax-AdvantagedTax-Deferred Savings PlanTax-Efficient FundTax-Equivalent YieldTax-Exempt Commercial PaperTax-Exempt InterestTax-Exempt SectorTax-Exempt SecurityTax-FreeTax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)Tax-Free SpinoffTax-Loss HarvestingTax-Sheltered AnnuityTax-to-GDP RatioTaxable BondTaxable EstateTaxable EventTaxable GainTaxable IncomeTaxable Municipal BondTaxable Preferred SecuritiesTaxable SpinoffTaxable Wage BaseTaxationTaxation Without RepresentationTaxesTaxpayerTaxpayer Advocate Service (TAS)Taxpayer Bill Of Rights -TABORTaxpayer Relief Act of 1997Taylor RuleTeacher Retirement System (TRS)Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association (TIAA)Tear SheetsTeaser DocumentTeaser LoanTeaser RateTech BubbleTech StreetTechnical AnalysisTechnical Analysis of Stocks and TrendsTechnical AnalystTechnical BankruptcyTechnical CorrectionTechnical DefaultTechnical IndicatorTechnical Job SkillsTechnical Progress Function (TPF)Technical SkillsTechnically Strong MarketTechnically Weak MarketTechnocracyTechnology SectorTechnology, Media, and Telecom (TMT) SectorTed EnglishTED SpreadTeenieTel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE)Telecom ArbitrageTelecommunications Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA)TelefileTelegraphic Transfer (TT)TelemarketingTelephone BondTeletaxTemasek HoldingsTemporal MethodTemporary Liquidity Guarantee Program (TLGP)Temporary New AccountTenancy at SufferanceTenancy by the EntiretyTenancy in Common (TIC)Tenancy-at-WillTenants by Entirety (TBE)TenbaggerTenderTender OfferTender PanelTenementTenkan-Sen (Conversion Line)TenorTenure Payment PlanTermTerm Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility (TALF)Term Auction Facility (TAF)Term BondTerm Certain AnnuityTerm Certain MethodTerm DepositTerm Federal FundsTerm Life InsuranceTerm LoanTerm OutTerm Payment PlanTerm Repurchase AgreementTerm Securities Lending Facility (TSLF)Term SheetTerm Structure Of Interest RatesTerm to MaturityTerminal Capitalization RateTerminal ElevatorTerminal Value (TV)Terminal YearTerminally IllTermination ClauseTermination DateTermination EventTermination of EmploymentTermination StatementTerms and Conditions (Credit Card)Terms of EmploymentTerms of Trade (TOT)TerotechnologyTertiary IndustryTertiary RecoveryTestTestamentary TrustTestamentary WillTether (USDT)Texas RatioTexas Sharpshooter FallacyTezos (XTZ)Thai Baht (THB)The 1994 Mexican Peso CrisisThe 4 Ps of MarketingThe 4% RuleThe Accounting Reviewthe Beneish ModelThe Big 5 Banks in CanadaThe Big FourThe Bond BuyerThe Calmar RatioThe Celler-Kefauver ActThe Coinage Act of 1792The Conference Board (CB)The Council of Insurance Agents & BrokersThe Federal ReserveThe Financial YardThe Four Cs of Buying Diamonds—and the Fifth CThe Global DowThe Golden Rule of Government SpendingThe Government Pension Investment Fund (Japan)The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 (GLBA)The Great ModerationThe Great RecessionThe Greatest GenerationThe Group of 77The Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA)The Hindenburg OmenThe Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS)The Institutional Brokers' Estimate System (IBES)The International Finance Corporation (IFC)The Internet of Things (IoT)The iTraxx LevX IndexesThe Jones ActThe Kyoto ProtocolThe LIBOR ScandalThe Lintner ModelThe Marriott School of BusinessThe Marshall School of Business at USCThe Meaning of Tax ExemptThe Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988 (MCCA)The MSCI ACWI Ex-U.S.The MSCI All Country World Index (ACWI)The National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO)The New DealThe Oracle of OmahaThe Panama PapersThe Political Economy Research InstituteThe PotThe Rise and Fall of WorldComThe S&P 500 IndexThe S&P/ASX 200 VIX (A-VIX)The Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of ManagementThe Smith ManeuverThe U-6 (Unemployment) RateThe University of New South Wales Business SchoolThe Volcker RuleThe Wealth EffectTheodore W. SchultzTheoretical Dow Jones IndexTheoretical Ex-Rights Price – TERPTheoretical Value (Of A Right)Theory of PriceTheory of the FirmThere Ain't No Such Thing as a Free Lunch (TANSTAAFL)ThetaThin FileThin MarketThinly TradedThird MarketThird Market MakerThird PartyThird WorldThird-Party Administrator (TPA)Third-Party BeneficiaryThird-Party DistributorThird-Party InsuranceThird-Party Mortgage OriginatorThird-Party TechniqueThird-Party TransactionThird-Party Verification (TPV)Thirty-Year TreasuryThomas C. SchellingThomas MalthusThomson First CallThorstein VeblenThree Black CrowsThree Inside Up/DownThree Outside Up/DownThree Stars in the SouthThree White SoldiersThree-Sigma LimitsThree-Way ANOVAThree-Year RuleThreshold ListThrift AssociationsThrift BankThrift Institutions Advisory CouncilThrift Savings Plan (TSP)Through Bill of LadingThrough FundThroughputThrowbackThrowback RuleThrusting LineThrusting PatternThunderbird School of Global ManagementTIBORTickTick IndexTick SizeTicker TapeTied SellingTier 1 CapitalTier 1 Capital RatioTier 1 Common Capital RatioTier 1 Leverage RatioTier 2 CapitalTier 3 CapitalTiered-Rate AccountTiger Cub EconomiesTiger EconomyTight MarketTight Monetary PolicyTilt FundTimber Investment Management Organization (TIMO)Timberland InvestmentTime and SalesTime ArbitrageTime BankingTime Charter Equivalent (TCE)Time DecayTime DepositTime DraftTime In ForceTime Segmented VolumeTime SeriesTime ValueTime Value of Money (TVM)Time-Barred DebtTime-Based CurrencyTime-of-Day OrderTime-Preference Theory of InterestTime-Varying VolatilityTime-Weighted Rate of Return – TWRTimelinessTimes Interest Earned (TIE) RatioTimes-Revenue MethodTimeshareTiming RiskTINATip IncomeTippingTIPS SpreadTirone LevelsTit for TatTitleTitle BinderTitle InsuranceTitle LoanTitle SearchTMX GroupTND (Tunisian Dinar)To Be Announced (TBA)To-FundTobacco Tax/Cigarette TaxTobin TaxToday's HighToday's LowToehold PurchaseToggle NoteTokenToken LockupToken SaleTokenized EquityTokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM)Tokyo Price Index (TOPIX)Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)Toll Revenue BondTombstoneTomorrow Next (Tom Next)TontineToo Big to FailTop (Finance)Top Hat PlanTop HoldingsTop LineTop-Down InvestingTopix Core 30 IndexTopping-Up ClauseToppyTopsideTorToronto Stock Exchange (TSX)Torrens CertificateTort LawTortfeasorTotal Annual Fund Operating ExpensesTotal Annual Loan Cost (TALC)Total Asset-to-Capital Ratio – TACTotal Bond FundTotal Cost of Ownership (TCO)Total Debt Service (TDS) RatioTotal Debt-to-Capitalization RatioTotal Enterprise Value (TEV)Total Expense Ratio (TER)Total Finance ChargeTotal Housing ExpenseTotal Insurable Value (TIV)Total LiabilitiesTotal Permanent Disability (TPD)Total Quality Management (TQM)Total ReturnTotal Return IndexTotal Return SwapTotal Revenue TestTotal Shareholder Return (TSR)Total Stock FundTotal SupplyTotal TaxTotal UtilityTotal-Debt-to-Total-Assets RatioTouchlineToxic AssetsToxic DebtTracker FundTracking ErrorTracking StockTradeTrade Act of 1974Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)Trade CreditTrade DateTrade Date AccountingTrade DeficitTrade FinanceTrade in Value Added (TiVA)Trade LiberalizationTrade LineTrade Price ResponseTrade Reporting and Compliance Engine (TRACE)Trade ResumptionTrade SanctionsTrade SecretTrade SignalTrade SurplusTrade TriggerTrade Volume Index (TVI)Trade WarTrade Working CapitalTrade-or-Fade RuleTrade-ThroughTrade-Weighted DollarTraded Average Price Option (TAPO)TradeHill ExchangeTrademarkTraderTrading AccountTrading AheadTrading ArcadeTrading AssetsTrading AuthorizationTrading Below CashTrading BookTrading ChannelTrading CurbTrading DeskTrading DollarsTrading EffectTrading FlatTrading FloorTrading HaltTrading HouseTrading Margin ExcessTrading Partner AgreementTrading PlanTrading PlatformTrading PsychologyTrading RangeTrading SessionTrading SoftwareTrading StrategyTraditional IRATraditional Theory of Capital StructureTraditional Whole Life PolicyTraffic Acquisition Cost (TAC)Tragedy of the CommonsTrailer FeeTrailer Interchange AgreementTrailingTrailing 12 Months (TTM)Trailing Earnings Per Share (EPS)Trailing FCFTrailing Price-To-Earnings (Trailing P/E)Trailing StopTranchesTrans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)TransactionTransaction Authentication Number (TAN)Transaction CostsTransaction DateTransaction DepositTransaction ExposureTransaction ID (TXID)Transaction RiskTransactions Per Second (TPS)TransactorTransatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)TransferTransfer AgentTransfer of MortgageTransfer of Physical Assets (TPA)Transfer of RiskTransfer on Death (TOD)Transfer PaymentTransfer PriceTransfer PricingTransfer ProceduresTransfer RiskTransfer TaxTransfer-for-Value RuleTransferable Insurance Policies (TIPS)Transferable Letter of CreditTransferable Points ProgramsTransferorTransferred-In CostsTransit ItemTranslation ExposureTranslation RiskTransloadingTransparencyTransportation and Storage CostsTransportation BondTransportation ExpensesTransportation SectorTransposition ErrorTraunchTravel ExpensesTravel InsuranceTraveler's DilemmaTraveler’s CheckTraveling AuditorTreasurer's DraftTreasury Bills (T-Bills)Treasury Bond (T-Bond)Treasury DRIPTreasury FuturesTreasury General AccountTreasury IndexTreasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS)Treasury International Capital (TIC)Treasury Investment Growth Receipts (TIGRs)Treasury LockTreasury NoteTreasury OfferingTreasury ReceiptTreasury SecretaryTreasury SecuritiesTreasury StockTreasury Stock (Treasury Shares)Treasury STRIPSTreasury YieldTreasuryDirectTreaty ReinsuranceTreble DamagesTree DiagramTrendTrend AnalysisTrend TradingTrending MarketTrendlineTreynor IndexTreynor RatioTreynor-Black ModelTri-Party AgreementTri-StarTriageTrial BalanceTriangleTriangular ArbitrageTrickle-Down EffectTrickle-Down TheoryTrigger LineTriggering EventTriggering TermTrilateral CommissionTrilemmaTrillion Cubic Feet (Tcf)Trillion-Dollar CoinTrimmed MeanTrinomial Option Pricing ModelTriple BottomTriple Bottom Line (TBL)Triple Exponential Average (TRIX)Triple Exponential Moving Average (TEMA)Triple Net Lease (NNN)Triple PlayTriple TopTriple WitchingTriple-Tax-FreeTroubled Asset Relief Program (TARP)TroughTroy OunceTruck Tonnage IndexTrue Cost EconomicsTrue Interest Cost (TIC)True LeaseTrue Strength Index (TSI)TrumpflationTruncationTrustTrust CertificateTrust CompanyTrust DeedTrust FundTrust IndentureTrust Indenture Act of 1939Trust Preferred Securities (TruPS)Trust PropertyTrust ReceiptTrust-Owned Life Insurance (TOLI)TrusteeTrustlessTrustorTruth in Lending Act (TILA)Truth in Savings ActTSA PreCheckTSX Venture ExchangeTTD (Trinidad and Tobago Dollar)Tuck School of BusinessTuck-in AcquisitionTugrik (MNT)Tuition InsuranceTulipmaniaTunnelingTuring CompleteTuring TestTurkish New Lira (TRY)Turkmenistan Manat (TMT)TurnaroundTurnkey Asset Management Program (TAMP)Turnkey BusinessTurnkey CostTurnkey PropertyTurnkey SolutionTurnoverTurnover RatioTurtleTweezerTwenty Percent RuleTwit PitchTwo and TwentyTwo Name PaperTwo-Bin Inventory ControlTwo-Dollar BrokerTwo-Factor Authentication (2FA)Two-Sided MarketTwo-Tailed TestTwo-Way QuoteTycoonType I ErrorType II ErrortZero (t0)TZS (Tanzanian Shilling)