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Ad Hoc

The phrase "impromptu" is a phrase of Latin beginning that is utilized in modern English to mean "for this reason" or "specifically for this." The direct translation of the Latin phrase is given by most word references as "for this."
The term "impromptu" can be utilized to suggest that a solution found for a specific problem or issue ought not be believed as a default solution to be utilized in ongoing applications.
For instance, a judge might make an "impromptu" ruling on a case by exploring the subtleties of the case and specific subtleties of the situation, however with a view that this ruling won't be held as case law to settle incidents of a comparative sort from here on out.
In programming development, the term "impromptu" is many times utilized in the phrase "specially appointed solution" to mean a specific and bespoke solution developed to handle the necessities of a system or client that is introduced.