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Broker of Record

Broker of Record

What Is a Broker of Record?

In insurance, a broker of record is an agent designated by the policyholder to address and deal with a policyholder's insurance policy. A broker of record might receive duplicates, everything being equal, to the policyholder and may receive all statements, policies, and notification for the policyholder.

How a Broker of Record Works

A broker of record can assist an individual or company with, for instance, taking care of the health insurance policies of its employees. In return, the broker of record might earn a month to month commission from the medical coverage company.

Broker of Record Letter

A broker of record letter is utilized to legally lay out the relationship between broker, policyholder, and insurance company. A broker of record letter can be utilized to assign a broker of record interestingly or to supplant an existing broker of record with another one. In the event that somebody changes their broker of record, for instance, a letter will be shipped off recognize the new broker of record.

A broker of record may likewise get and assess insurance statements, policies, and prescribe changes to existing policies.

Insurance companies require broker of record letters to distinguish whom the policyholder has chosen to act for their sake to speak with the insurance carrier for arranging rates, plan options, claim assistance, and so on. In return, the broker of record generally receives commissions from the insurance company.

A broker of record letter ought to incorporate specific data, including the name of the group plan and the chose broker, the effective date of the broker assignment, and terms in which the broker of record assignment can be ended. Policyholders can likewise incorporate specific orders in regards to communication with the plan and different organizations/brokers.

Broker of Record Letter versus Letter of Authorization

A letter of authorization is neither as exhaustive nor as strong as a broker of record letter. It gives the broker the authority to get data on insurance contracts, rates, rating plans overviews, reserves, maintenances, policies, certificates, and other financial data. Such a letter might be written to be quite certain, for example, naming the insurance company from which the broker might get data. Be that as it may, a letter of authorization as a rule will exclude the authority to haggle in the interest of a policyholder.

The Bottom Line

In summary, a broker of record letter can achieve the accompanying:

  • Ends the relationship among policyholder and broker.
  • Suspends the current broker's ability to haggle for the policyholder's benefit with the insurance company.
  • Makes official the arrangement of another broker, giving that broker the sole authority to haggle with an insurance company.
  • Awards access to endorsing data or proposition currently viable.
  • Considers a progress period starting with one broker then onto the next, communicated in a number of days, to permit full disclosure of the letter to every important party. This ought to permit the former broker an opportunity to survey the ramifications of the letter with the employer and its craving to change brokers.


  • A broker of record is an agent who is responsible for overseeing and addressing a policyholder's insurance policy, frequently getting a month to month commission from an insurance company for working all things considered.
  • Communication and acting as a contact for the policyholder are two parts of this job.
  • A broker of record letter is a legal document used to set the relationship between then broker, policyholder, and the insurance company.