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Asset-Or-Nothing Call Option

Asset-Or-Nothing Call Option

What Is an Asset-Or-Nothing Call Option?

An asset-or-nothing call is a type of digital option whose payout is fixed after the underlying asset surpasses the foreordained threshold or strike price. The payout relies just upon whether the underlying asset closes over the strike price — in the money (ITM) — at the expiration date. It doesn't make any difference how deep ITM as the payout is fixed.

Understanding an Asset-Or-Nothing Call Option

Asset-or-nothing calls and asset-or-nothing puts either pay or don't pay a fixed amount, contingent upon whether they expire ITM or not. They can be an effective hedging mechanism under the right conditions due to their simplified risk and payout structure.

As the name proposes, asset-or-nothing options settle with the physical delivery of the underlying asset. Albeit every single digital option (at times alluded to as binary options) may sound simple, they contrast from standardized options for most securities and might be traded on unregulated platforms. This means they might carry a higher risk associated with an illiquid underlying. They may likewise be more defenseless to use by those taking part in fraudulent activity.

Investors who wish to invest in binary options ought to utilize platforms that are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), or different regulators.

Since the workings of any digital option look like the simplicity of putting down a casino bet, they carry a shame of being like a gambling instrument. In any case, the shame alone doesn't dispose of the real utilization of such an instrument.

All things considered, most market participants incline toward standard options, which pay on a sliding scale. The deeper ITM standard options move, the higher the payout, making their hedge more precisely associated with price movement.

There are different types of binary options, including cash-or-nothing calls and cash-or-nothing puts. As the names propose, they settle with cash. Furthermore, since they are digital, for example all or none, in the event that the underlying price is over the strike price, it pays the underlying price, and on the off chance that it isn't over the strike, then the payoff is zero.

Binary options are either American style or European style, contingent upon the individual market and the underlying asset. American style digital options automatically exercise the moment they get ITM, in contrast to American style standard options. This means that the holder gets the payoff quickly as opposed to waiting for expiration, like one-touch options. The more common European style digital options, in the mean time, just exercise at expiration.

Most asset-or-nothing call options are in the European style, meaning they just exercise at expiration.

Illustration of an Asset-Or-Nothing Call Option

Expect that gold trades at $1,260 per ounce at 12:45 p.m., on June 2. A trader is bullish on gold and accepts that it will trade above $1,275 before the finish of that trading day on June 2. The trader purchases 10 gold $1,275 asset-or-nothing call options at 12:45 p.m. If gold closes above $1,275 toward the finish of the trading day, on June 2, the trader would receive 10 contracts worth of gold. On the off chance that gold neglects to close above $1,275, the trader loses the whole investment.

Closing just marginally ITM is all the call holder necessities to profit. Assuming that the trader accepts the underlying asset will close essentially higher than the strike price, then, at that point, a standard option might be a better decision since it permits the holder to partake in that gain. The cost ought to likewise be lower.


  • These options are digital or binary, meaning they pay a foreordained payout or zero.
  • Asset-or-nothing options can be a simplified risk hedge.
  • An asset-or-nothing call is a type of digital option whose payout is fixed after the underlying asset surpasses the foreordained threshold or strike price.
  • Asset-or-nothing call options settle with the physical delivery of the underlying asset assuming that the option lapses in the money.