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Australian Future Fund

Australian Future Fund

What Is the Australian Future Fund?

The term Australian Future Fund (AFF) alludes to an Australian sovereign wealth fund (SWF) laid out by the country's federal government. Established in 2006, the fund's principal purpose is to support the long-term position of the government. The Future Fund, as it is regularly known, is autonomously managed and creates savings for the Australian government and its kin in ongoing years. This investment fund is comprised of five special-purpose funds with distinct objectives and investment profiles. The Future Fund's assets under management (AUM) were valued at AUD 163 billion as of Sept. 30, 2020.

Figuring out the Australian Future Fund

The Australian government laid out the Australian Future Fund in 2006 with about AUD 60 billion from government surpluses as well as shares and proceeds from the privatization of Telstra, an Australian telecommunications company. The AFF was explicitly planned, however, to meet future pension obligations of the Australian government. Pension obligations were expected to arrive at AUD 140 billion by 2020, which would be the earliest place where draws could be made on the fund.

All along, the AFF adopted a organizational structure and investment philosophy drawn as much from the hedge fund world, explicitly the fund-of-funds sector, as from traditional SWF management. The management team remains generally small and opposes the compulsion to partition along the lines of asset classes. All things being equal, fund management regards the portfolio as the domain of the whole management team.

The legislation that established the AFF commanded that it utilize outer investment managers to execute its investment strategies. This decision was intended to dispose of [conflicts of interest](/irreconcilable situation) among the AFF's own managers and empower competition among outer advisors. The requirement applies a cost pressure to the fund as it incorporates an extra layer of expense into the fund's model.

While other fruitful SWFs have the freedom to oversee part of their own assets, the Australian model ends up being to some degree dangerous when market returns are poor. The upside of utilizing outside managers is that it permits AFF management to assess those managers' returns and select among the highest entertainers for future investments.

On the off chance that you're interested in investing in the Australian market, consider placing your money into a mutual fund, exchange-traded fund, or an American depositary receipt.

Special Considerations

Since its establishing, the fund sent off a series of special-purpose funds. Every one of these funds has an alternate command. Albeit the fund management team is responsible for adjusting the risk associated to augment returns, it doesn't distribute invested funds or conclude which projects each fund supports.

  • The Medical Research Future Fund was established in 2015 to underwrite long-term research and innovation inside Australia's nation.
  • The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land and Sea Future Fund was established in 2019 to permit the government to make payments to the Indigenous Land Corporation.
  • The Future Drought Fund gives dry season flexibility to the country's homesteads and different networks. This fund was sent off in 2019.
  • The Emergency Response Fund, sent off in 2019, is intended to help networks during national debacles.
  • The DisabilityCare Australia Fund was laid out in 2013 to reimburse neighborhood experts for expenses connected with the national insurance system.

The Building Australia Fund, the Education Investment Fund, and the Health and Hospitals Fund were sent off following the presentation of the Nation-building Funds Act of 2008. These funds were intended to support national infrastructure, education systems, and wellbeing infrastructure.

The government canceled the Act in 2019. Both the Building Australia Fund and the Education Investment Fund were closed in 2019 while the Health and Hospitals Fund ended in 2015. The leftover balance of each fund was moved to a comparative fund.


  • Albeit the fund remains autonomously managed by outer investment managers, the government concludes how funds are allocated.
  • The AFF draws on the hedge fund world for its organizational structure and investment philosophy.
  • The Australian Future Fund is a sovereign wealth fund that was laid out by the country's government in 2006.
  • Its purpose is to create savings for the benefit of the Australian government and its kin in ongoing years.
  • The fund was valued at AUD 163 billion as of Sept. 30, 2020.