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Cambridge Analytica

Cambridge Analytica

What Is Cambridge Analytica?

Cambridge Analytica was a counseling company that worked in utilizing data science systems to support political campaigns. The company declared bankruptcy in 2018 following legal and political fallout from its utilization of personal data got from about 90 million Facebook (FB) users.

Figuring out Cambridge Analytica

Established in 2013, Cambridge Analytica was the branch-off of a British company called SCL Group (formerly Strategic Communication Laboratories) and was set up as a U.S. subsidiary company of SCL. During its initial days, it targeted Facebook and other social media platforms to run ads in light of client profiles, including ads for political campaigns.

In 2018, the company turned into the subject of far and wide analysis following reports that it purchased data from a British scholastic concerning the personal mental profile of about 270,000 Facebook users. Due to the terms and conditions of the Facebook platform around then, the company had the option to access data from the Facebook friends of those users by implication. As such, Cambridge Analytica had the option to access a far bigger pool of data concerning 87 million users — without the information or consent of practically any of them.

Cambridge Analytica had the option to utilize the data points it collected to build models that permitted mental profiling of the range of users, including the political affinities of the client, whether they were outgoing individuals or loners, and how they would respond to certain campaigns. Utilizing these profile-based models, the company managed to run various campaigns suitable for various types of users, which purportedly influenced election decisions.

Real World Example of Cambridge Analytica

The public's concern with respect to Cambridge Analytica was put together not just with respect to its acquisition of personal data yet additionally on the manner in which the company purportedly utilized that data. As a political counseling firm, Cambridge Analytica supposedly involved this data in support of different clients' political campaigns, successfully utilizing individuals' mental profiles to influence their political choices.

Two notable instances of campaigns with connections to Cambridge Analytica are the Leave campaign in the 2016 Brexit mandate banter and the 2016 presidential election campaign of Donald Trump.In a sting operation, a journalist recorded the company executive, Alexander Nix, gladly claiming that his firm did every one of the data research, mining, and analytics work for Donald Trump's presidential campaign. He supposedly likewise boasted about the exploitative practices the company used to uncover the corrupt lawmakers in foreign elections, in this manner affecting the results.

All following the disclosures in March 2018, Nix was suspended from his post, and Facebook suspended SCL's accounts for neglecting to erase the key data points the company collected from the social media platform. Be that as it may, several of the company's key work force have since established or moved to different companies participated in political counseling in light of data science methods.


  • Cambridge Analytica was a political counseling company that scandalously endeavored to utilize the mental profiles of approximately 90 million Facebook users to influence their political choices.
  • The firm was active in the Leave-EU Brexit campaign, as well as Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.
  • Despite the fact that Cambridge Analytica closed its entryways in 2018, several of the company's key staff have since established or moved to comparable companies.