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Convention Statement

Convention Statement

What Is a Convention Statement?

A convention statement is a mandatory document filed by a insurance or reinsurance company that fills in as its annual financial statement. Most ordinarily, companies that give life insurance will utilize this type of financial statement.

Individual states control the utilization of convention statements, and the requirements will shift. Nonetheless, all states command that the report alongside any supporting documentation show the assets, liabilities, and loss or surplus of the reporting company. The loss or surplus is the difference between the assets and liabilities. The insurance commissioner in each state directs the filing of convention statements and may determine certain requirements notwithstanding those illustrated previously.

Figuring out Convention Statements

Since the insurance industry has state-level regulations, the structure of the convention statement will change from one state to another. Likewise, various wards might place specific requirements on the document. One part that is available on all convention statements is the statement of a company's assets, liabilities, and either loss or surplus.

The company will file the report with the regulators in the states where they practice. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) gives an essential format that member states might utilize. The NAIC likewise keeps a copy of this form for its database, which you can download here.

The convention statement incorporates insights concerning an insurance company's assets, like reserves and investments, as well as its liabilities. This accounting permits the state to decide if the ratio of assets to liabilities is adequate to meet likely claims. On the off chance that the state regulators are happy with the listed amount of assets, the company doesn't go through greater oversight. Notwithstanding, the regulators will require companies that are at risk of having the option to cover all claim liability to enough reduce their risk exposure. These faltering companies might have to submit more incessant reports on their financial health and risk portfolio.

State insurance commissions have a vested interest in ensuring that insurance companies carrying on with work inside the state limits remain financially dissolvable. The convention statement effectively addresses any such worries and may act as an advance warning to the state insurance commissions that a company might be having financial issues.

States require the respecting of claims made by their occupants on time. Regulators additionally need to stay away from circumstances in which the government needs to step in to give financial assistance to an insurer. The convention statement turns into a public record. Thusly, it permits investors, businesses, and expected policyholders to decide whether a specific insurer is probably going to have the option to settle a claim for damage. This transparency is pivotal for consumers as they consider which insurers to work with and which to keep away from.

True Example

NAIC refreshes its database of insurers on an annual basis. As per the NAIC financial statement filing website,

"Cooperation in the Database gives essential data to the Insurance Regulatory Information System (IRIS) Financial Ratio Reports, risk-based capital analysis, and other dissolvability related surveys of individual companies, including reporting compliance and financial analysis."

Insurance companies are not permitted to file civil lawsuits against the NAIC, its employees, or associated people for gathering, dissecting, and distributing the convention statement, given that the gatherings are acting with honest intentions. This legal protection gives protection to the NAIC and related bunches interested in checking on the material unafraid of retaliation for what they discover. The NAIC expects insurers to file their reports electronically beginning around 2012.


  • Companies file the statement in the states in which they carry on with work. A copy is likewise retained by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.
  • A convention statement fills in as the financial statement of an insurance or reinsurance company.
  • The statements permit consumers, investors, and other interested gatherings to measure the financial stability of a company.
  • The statement is mandatory, and once filed, it turns into a public record.