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What Is a Condotel?

A condotel is a condominium project that is worked as a lodging with a registration desk, cleaning service from there, the sky is the limit. The units are normally individually owned. Unit owners additionally have the option to place their unit in the lodging's rental program where it is rented out like some other lodging to paying visitors.

Condotels are ordinarily sold as secondary homes instead of as primary homes.

Grasping Condotels

Condotels are structured as condominium projects, with individual unit owners. The difference is that unit owners can organize short-term rentals of their units to paying visitors, which is additionally obliged by full-service staff and conveniences like a registration desk, housekeeping, and attendant services.

The unit can be involved by the owner as a vacation home for personal satisfaction. Numerous condotels are situated in large urban communities and vacationer locations. Inn and resort companies grow most condotels and position them to be alluring to explorers. The property will probably incorporate conveniences and elements that are common at traditional inns. This could incorporate access to athletic resources, for example, tennis courts and pools.

At the point when the owner of a condotel unit doesn't rent out the space, they might reserve it for personal use.

There are advantages and disadvantages to condotel ownership. At the point when the unit is rented out to explorers and guests the rental income can offset ownership expenses. The management for the property will deal with the rental cycle and will claim a percentage of the rental payments. The rental income might be split equitably between the owner and the management company or the balance might lean toward the owner.

How Condotels Function as Rental and Owned Property

The condotel arrangement gives access to a cleaning service to care for the home. There is additionally potential price appreciation for the condotel unit should the owner decide to sell.

There can be disadvantages to claiming a condotel unit. The costs for maintenance and cleaning services might be high. Charges might be founded on the square film of every unit. The owner of the unit might have to take out special insurance for the property. The pricing for a condotel unit may be founded on traveler and vacation activity and not the real estate market. The owner of the unit will ordinarily pay commercial tax rates on the income created from rent.

Different factors, for example, occupancy rates could see sharp declines when voyagers are not keen on visiting that objective. The owner of the unit may be limited to a maximum number of days they might involve the space for themselves. Terms of the condotel agreement could require the unit to be accessible for rental purposes for the majority of the year. Getting financing could be really difficult for likely purchasers of condotel units. Many banks could decline to offer loans for such purchases.


  • A condotel, a portmanteau of condominium and lodging, is a residential development that permits individual unit owners to rent to short-term visitors as though it were an inn property.
  • These properties will have a registration desk, housekeeping services, an attendant, and numerous different conveniences found in a traditional inn.
  • Unit owners can block off times when they will remain at their own unit, but most utilize the condotel as a vacation home.