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Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS)

Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS)

What is an Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS)?

The Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS^\u00ae^) is a professional assignment granted by the College for Financial Planning unto financial professionals who successfully complete a self-concentrate on program, breeze through an exam, and consent to conform to a code of ethics.

Fruitful candidates earn the right to involve the AAMS^\u00ae^ assignment with their names for quite some time, which can further develop job opportunities, professional reputation, and pay.

Figuring out Accredited Asset Management Specialists

The AAMS^\u00ae^ program started in 1994 and is currently shown solely online utilizing the CFP's platform. The College for Financial Planning (owned by Kaplan) is a provider of financial education for working grown-ups in the financial services industry.

The AAMS^\u00ae^ program comprises of 10 modules, starting with a survey of the asset management process, and afterward covering a broad scope of points, like investments, insurance, taxation, retirement, and estate planning issues.

To keep the privileges associated with the assignment, AAMS^\u00ae^ professionals must complete 16 hours of continuing education like clockwork and pay a fee. The AAMS^\u00ae^ continuing education program is developed related to a portion of the country's top investment firms. Candidates investigate case studies in view of real-life situations, which are intended to prepare them for viability in reality and assist them with building enduring relationships with clients.

Self-Study and Exam

Oneself review program covers several subjects, for example, the asset management process; investors, policy and change; risk, return and investment execution; asset allocation and choice; investment systems; and taxation of investment products. It likewise covers investment opportunities for individual retirement; investment contemplations for small business proprietors; executive compensation and benefit plans; insurance products for investment clients; estate planning; and regulatory and ethical issues.

Understudies follow the course online and normally complete the program in nine to 11 weeks. To earn the qualification, understudies must then finish a last test of the year at one of CFP's approved testing centers. The last test of the year for the AAMS^\u00ae^ program contains 80 inquiries. Understudies have one full year from their enrollment date to complete their studies. To guarantee that understudies are gaining palatable headway in their studies, it is required that they test no less than once like clockwork until effective completion of the program. A passing score on the AAMS^\u00ae^ last examination is 70 percent or better.

Individuals with the AAMS assignment might function as financial advisors, registered investment advisors, registered representatives, client relationship managers, financial specialists, or investment advisors.

Special Considerations

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) determines that it supports or embraces no professional certification or assignment, however it records the AAMS^\u00ae^ as one of the accessible assignments in the financial services industry. As indicated by the College for Financial Planning (CFP^\u00ae^), a few organizations perceive the AAMS^\u00ae^ assignment as addressing 28 hours of continuing education credit.

To illuminate the public about the current status of AAMS^\u00ae^ designees, the CFP^\u00ae^ keeps an online database containing the names of all individuals and the situation with their assignments. Upon graduation, AAMS^\u00ae^ designees get credit for the completion of FP511 in our CFP^\u00ae^ accreditation education program.


  • To keep up with the assignment, AAMS^\u00ae^ holders must complete 16 hours of continuing education at regular intervals and pay a $95 renewal fee.
  • To earn the AAMS^\u00ae^, financial professionals must successfully complete a thorough self-concentrate on program, breeze through an exam, and consent to follow a code of ethics.
  • The Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS^\u00ae^) professional assignment is recognized as an industry benchmark for asset management credentials and is supported by the top financial firms.