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Certified Consumer Debt Specialist (CCDS)

Certified Consumer Debt Specialist (CCDS)

What Is a Certified Consumer Debt Specialist?

Certified Consumer Debt Specialist is a professional assignment granted to debt settlement professionals who breeze through a certification exam. The assignment is granted by the Center for Financial Certifications. Fruitful candidates earn the right to add the Certified Consumer Debt Specialist assignment to their names, which can further develop job opportunities, professional reputation, and pay. At regular intervals, specialists must complete 20 hours of continuing education and pay a fee to hold the assignment.

Grasping Certified Consumer Debt Specialists (CCDS)

Certified Consumer Debt Specialist candidates study debt settlement and personal finance management (counting budgeting, assessing debt loads, setting and achieving financial objectives, planning to dispose of/stay away from debt, investing, retirement, and insurance). Additionally, candidates must foster communication, counseling, and negotiation skills to haggle for their clients. Specialists ought to likewise be know all about consumer protection laws.


Certified consumer debt specialists receive an alternate type of education, training, and certification than certified credit guides do.

Center for Financial Certifications

The Center for Financial Certifications was laid out in 2006. Known as Fincert, its stated mission is to give effective delivery of consumer financial products, services, and education through the professional certification of people offering these types of assistance. As well as guaranteeing finance professionals as debt specialists, the center additionally offers Certifications for Certified Financial Peer Mentors, Certified Personal Finance Counselors, and Certified Educators in Personal Finance.


People certified as consumer debt specialists by Fincert must restore their certification at regular intervals by breezing through a renewal exam.

Consumer Debt Specialists and Debt Settlement

Consumer debt specialists help people who are keen on seeking after debt settlement as an alternative to bankruptcy. Debt settlement is the most common way of haggling with creditors to reduce overall debts in exchange for a lump-sum payment.

An effective settlement happens when the creditor consents to excuse a percentage of the total account balance in exchange for the lump sum. Just unsecured debt can be settled. Such debts incorporate medical bills and credit card debt — not student loans, vehicle financing, and mortgages. Debtors might go to this option to stay away from the court-commanded controls of bankruptcy while as yet bringing down their debt balances, some of the time by in excess of 50 percent. The creditor needs to keep away from the possibility that the debtor may effectively file for bankruptcy protection.

Haggling with a collection agency or junk debt buyer is fairly similar to haggling with a credit card company or another original creditor. Notwithstanding, numerous assortment agencies will consent to take less of the owed amount than the original creditor on the grounds that the junk debt buyer has purchased the debt for a small part of the original balance. As a part of the settlement, the consumer can request that assortment is eliminated from the credit report, which is generally not the situation with the original creditor. Even on the off chance that the removal of the assortment account from the consumer credit report has been accomplished as a condition of settlement, the negative imprints from the original credit card company might in any case remain.


Debt settlement is normally just an option when a debt turns out to be essentially past due, which can bring about a negative impact on your credit score.

Benefits of Using a Consumer Debt Settlement Specialist

Utilizing a consumer debt settlement specialist can yield a few benefits. A specialist has a comprehension of debt assortment laws, remembering when a statute of limitations for a debt has expired, and they have experience haggling with creditors to assist you with achieving the best deal conceivable. However you can settle debts all alone, you may not be comfortable conversing with your creditors straightforwardly or battle with how to word your request.

Recollect that for a debt settlement plan to work, you'll have to have cash promptly available to pay your creditors. A consumer debt settlement specialist can survey your financial situation and assets to assist you with concocting a reasonable number to offer while arranging.

A consumer debt settlement specialist can likewise assist you with deciding if arranging debts is the best option for your financial situation. Once more, settling debts is frequently preferable to filing bankruptcy since that can be incredibly unfavorable to your credit score. Yet, it's conceivable that you might have the option to refocus with a customary payment plan assuming all that is required is some fine-tuning of your month to month budget.


Assuming you decide to settle debts all alone, make a hard copy of all that and make certain to check your credit report sometime later to guarantee that the account is being reported as settled appropriately.

Debt Settlement Costs

Certified consumer debt specialists can operate on a for-benefit or nonprofit basis yet it's normal to need to pay a fee for their services. This fee is charged notwithstanding any money you consent to pay your creditors to settle your debts.

Contingent upon the debt settlement company, this fee might be anyplace from two or three hundred to a couple thousand dollars. Before paying a precarious debt settlement fee, consider what you're getting in exchange for your money.

In the event that you're able to settle your debts at a precarious discount, say half or more, then paying a higher fee to a debt settlement company could be worth it. Then again, assuming a company is promising settlement relief that appears to be too great to be true, then you might need to take your business somewhere else.


Set aside some margin to research the best debt relief companies to find one that can assist you with dealing with your debts at the most reasonable cost.


  • Before working with a certified consumer debt specialist, it's important to comprehend the costs engaged with settling a debt, as well as the credit score suggestions.
  • Debt settlement is something you can do all alone, however there are a few benefits to utilizing a certified consumer debt specialist.
  • Counseling a certified consumer debt specialist is something you might consider in the event that you're searching for an alternative to filing bankruptcy.
  • Certified consumer debt specialists are financial professionals who help consumers with debt negotiation and settlement.