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Account Executive

Account Executive

What Is an Account Executive?

An account executive is an employee who has the primary everyday responsibility for a continuous business relationship with a client.

The job title of an account executive is most common in the advertising and public relations businesses and in financial services. Technology companies that give hardware and software support services assign account executives to major customers.

Figuring out the Account Executive

An account executive is the principal contact person between the vendor and the customer. The account executive commonly is in the image from the very outset of the business relationship. Having pitched the deal and negotiated the contract, the account executive is responsible from that point for satisfying the contract terms and keeping the client cheerful.

The account executive likewise may contact a client to present new products and services. That might include setting up for technical, design, and other support staff to go to the client to conduct exhibits and help with the sales pitch.

Regulations Apply

Account executives are urged to consistently keep in contact with clients.

In the financial world, account executives are expected to follow ethical rules from regulatory specialists. In the financial world, these incorporate Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Rule 3220, applicable to [broker-dealers](/specialist dealer) and investment advisors, which limits the payment of gifts and tips.

Account Executive Responsibilities

Account executives are normally expected to acquire new business and frequently are given annual quantities. They additionally might be assigned clients by the company.

Now and again, an account executive could be assigned just one vital client, who might be given the red floor covering treatment. Other account executives have different clients to focus on in terms of their significance to the firm. A single account executive could handle the advertising campaign of a food and refreshment company and an inexpensive food chain.

In the financial world, account executives need to follow rules laid out by FINRA.

Where They're Found

In different industries, account executives could handle the cybersecurity hardware and software needs of a bank, the drug needs of a hospital group, the wealth management necessities of a private client, or the prime brokerage service requirements of a hedge fund.

Compensation for the account executive is regularly a base salary with a sales commission and bonuses for coming to or surpassing sales targets. As of May 2021, the average base pay for the job was $57,504 in the United States, as per

Account executives have a broad scope of skills and a deep information on the industry. These skills incorporate the following:

  • Sales skills to get new clients and pitch existing clients on new products and services
  • Project management skills to keep on top of the work being finished for the client
  • Individuals management skills to work with different offices inside as needs be
  • Outstanding communication skills to keep up with the client relationship


  • Compensation as a rule incorporates a base salary, sales commission, and bonuses for surpassing targets.
  • Account executives work in numerous industries however they most commonly are found in advertising, public relations, and financial services.
  • The job might involve working for just a single important client or several clients.