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Augmented Product

Augmented Product

What Is an Augmented Product?

An augmented product has been enhanced by its seller with added highlights or services to recognize it from a similar product offered by its rivals. Expanding a product includes including immaterial benefits or add-ons that go beyond the product itself.

Instances of the elements used to make augmented products could incorporate free delivery or in-home installation of a service. Beauty care products companies will generally offer free makeovers and travel-size tests to increase their products.

How an Augmented Product Works

To marketing professionals, each product comes in no less than three versions: The core, the real, and the augmented.

Core Product

The core product is definitely not a physical item. It is the product's benefit to the consumer. For instance, a lipstick will make its buyer appealing; a pair of tennis shoes will make her better; another phone will assist you with conveying all the more productively.

Real Product

The real product is the thing available to be purchased, including the unique branding, design, and bundling that is appended to it. The genuine product and its elements must deliver on the core-product expectations that consumers need from the product. All a vehicle, for instance, ought to function flawlessly with its highlights to deliver the core product and make customer value.

Augmented Product

The augmented product adds on highlights and services that recognize it from comparable products offered by the competition. The add ons don't change the genuine product and may insignificantly affect the cost of delivering the product. Nonetheless, an augmented product might have a perceived value that gives the consumer a reason to buy it. The added value may likewise permit the seller to command a premium price.

Augmentation doesn't change the product being sold. Be that as it may, augmentation adds value to the experience for the consumer and can lead to brand loyalty.

Instances of Augmented Products

No secret companies that can really make augmented products make a positive buying experience and have the best chance of fostering a dedicated base of repeat customers.

Apple TV

Apple Inc. (AAPL) sent off its video and TV web-based feature in 2019. To support awareness of the new product and increase listing iPhone sales, the company made an add-on or augmentation for anyone purchasing a gadget as stated below from the company's website.

"Beginning today, customers who purchase any iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod contact or Mac can appreciate one year of Apple TV+ for free."

Discounts and Freebies

A discount coupon for a future purchase is a product augmentation, similar to an offer of a refund in the event that the customer is disappointed. A free recipe book offered with the purchase of a kitchen machine, for example, a simmering pot makes an augmented product.

More costly purchases frequently accompany enhanced augmentation. In-store financing for furniture purchases, a free trial, or free delivery all expand the product being offered. A cable company vieing for new business could offer a more convenient home installation schedule to draw in customers.

Service Sells

Great customer service and store atmosphere are augmentations that brick-and-mortar retailers add to their whole scope of products. A liberal return policy and in-store demonstrations are others. A retail store that sells cooking supplies could offer free cooking classes with each purchase. Apple, for instance, offers showing and guidance for how to utilize their products through their retail locations. A connecting with website to assist customers with finding out about a product or service, as well as an online support team, are product augmentations.

In considering practically any purchase, consumers have a wealth of options. An augmented product has been made to stand out from different products, or a similar product offered by different sellers.


  • Each product comes in no less than three versions: the core, the real, and the augmented.
  • The augmented product adds elements and services that recognize it from the equivalent or comparable products offered by different sellers.
  • An augmented product might have a perceived value that gives the consumer a reason to buy it and may permit the seller to command a premium price.
  • Product augmentation doesn't change the real product, yet all things considered, adds value to the purchase.