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Abandon Rate

Abandon Rate

What Is the Abandon Rate?

The abandon rate is the percentage of tasks that are abandoned by the customer before following through with the intended responsibility. There are two common industries where the abandon rate is a commonly utilized measurement. The first is in call centers, the second is [e-commerce](/web based business).

How the Abandon Rate Works

The abandon rate is an important measurement, as it furnishes the company with data in regards to customer habits and can be a predictor of their satisfaction levels. For an inbound call center, the abandon rate is the percentage of inbound calls settled on to a decision center or service desk that is abandoned by the customer before addressing an agent. It is calculated as abandoned calls separated by total inbound calls.

Abandon rates have a direct connection to waiting times. The more drawn out the time that customers must stand by before being associated with an agent, the higher the abandon rate is probably going to be as individuals become weary of waiting for assistance and hang up before arriving at an agent.

The abandon rate for online retailers is the percentage of customers who abandon their virtual trucks without finishing look at procedures. It is calculated by the number of abandoned shopping trucks separated by total initiated transactions. Even when trucks are abandoned, online retailers can utilize customer data gathered from the truck items to work on their marketing and sales methods.

The abandoned rate formula, by and large, is calculated as the number of abandoned incidents partitioned by the total number of incidents.

Special Considerations

For call centers, high abandon times might show under-distribution of resources to the call center or help desk by the company and can burden a company with the reputation of offering poor customer service. It might likewise bring about lost sales opportunities and highly disappointed customers, as anybody who has invested a lot of energy waiting in a virtual line for customer service can attest.

For online retailers, it could show that the retailer has prices that are higher than its rivals. Conceivable before checking out, a customer scanned different locales for price comparison and ended up buying their goods from another online source. Generally, online retailers will utilize the data given by abandoned trucks to improve their marketing methods and may wind up selling promotional things to the owner of the abandoned truck with an end goal to complete the sale.

The retailer can likewise search for trends concerning what types of products are most frequently abandoned and afterward increase their sales efforts around those products trying to diminish the abandonment rate.


  • High abandon rates could mean call centers are under-dispensing or online retailers have higher.
  • Call centers and online retailers most frequently use abandon rates.
  • The abandon rate is the percentage that a customer leaves or quits before following through with an intended job.