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Account Manager

Account Manager

What Is an Account Manager?

An account manager is a passage to mid-level employee who is responsible for the everyday management of a particular customer's account inside a business.

Understanding What an Account Manager Does

An account manager is generally the business representative with whom the client has the most one-on-one communication. This staff member supervises the daily, routine tasks engaged with tending to the customer's necessities and concerns and keeping up with their account activities.

It is common for an account manager to serve a wide range of jobs. They frequently need to change their emphasis relying upon the client's particular situation, and how fulfilled that client is with their current account status. The account manager would much of the time act as a combination of a salesperson, customer service representative, technical specialist, and financial advisor.

The account manager is a point of contact and gives customer support, upselling, technical assistance, and general relationship management. An account manager might be in charge of a number of more modest accounts or may rather zero in on a couple of larger accounts.

Instances of Account Manager Roles

Companies use account managers to guarantee that customers feel that their requirements are being met. It is generally more affordable to keep existing clients than to look for new clients to supplant those that have deserted because of insufficient customer service. All in all, zeroing in on retention can offer a huge return on investment for financial firms, and most businesses overall.

When a company has invested the money and resources engaged with initially gaining a customer or client, it is to that company's great advantage to make every effort to guarantee that client stays fulfilled so they don't choose to take their business somewhere else.

Account managers work closely with the sales team to guarantee that it is clear what products or services the client has purchased and that those products and services fit the client's requirements. Contingent upon the specific type of account and the idea of the client's necessities and concerns, the account manager may likewise act as a contact or go-between with different teams or staff members who might affect the client's account.

The specific duties, capabilities, and salary level of a particular account manager can differ widely, contingent upon the type of business and the clientele served by that firm. Frequently, this employee will have some sort of financial or business foundation and regularly would likewise have a connected college degree of some sort or another. Those with advanced or concentrated capabilities would probably have the option to command a higher salary.

As per, the salary range for account managers in the U.S. is somewhere in the range of $45,000 and $85,000 each year. Most U.S. account management occupations are situated in New York followed by Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. The title "account manager" is once in a while designated for section level employees, despite the fact that assuming that the organization is sufficiently large and utilizes sufficient account managers, they might have assistant and associate account managers reporting the lead account manager.

Promotion over the job of account manager is generally to Director of Accounts or Director of Account Management and to Vice President of Account Management. These jobs coordinate the activities of the account managers and are part of the leadership team of a company.


  • Companies use account managers to guarantee that customers feel that their necessities are being met.
  • An account manager is the business representative with whom a client has the most one-on-one collaboration inside a company.
  • Frequently, this employee will have some sort of financial or business foundation and, normally, would likewise have a connected college degree of some sort.